Moshi Monster Childrens Party

So I have been absent from here for a few days but I do have a valid reason :) I have been rushing around to get ready for my daughters 8th Birthday party! The party was yesterday and with 25 kids and lots going on it was a hectic party and I'm stuffed from it lol I didn't take any proper photos of everything I did as I was just to busy, I'm just glad I got a few to share on here.

The theme was Moshi Monster, which you might remember I posted the invites on a previous blog. It was a fun idea for a party which I should say my daughter demanded lol All the kids are into Moshi Monsters at the moment so it was a success amongst the kiddies.

Moshi Monster Scamp birthday cake
 THE CAKE!! I don't work with fondant a lot and I am not confident with it at all but for a quick job it turned out okay and the kids loved it

Moshi Monster party printable cupcakes

THE CUPCAKES!!! instead of decorating every cupcake I decided to cheat and just print off about 30 different moshi characters and stick them out the top of the cakes. The kids love it as they ate and collected the monsters they liked. I think this is the fastest I have seen approx 100 cupcake be eaten.

Moshi Monster party loot lolly bags

THE LOLLY LOOT BAGS!!! I found these cute green plastic takeaway food boxes and just filled with assorted lollies, little gifts like stickers and pencils and I even found some fun monster eyeball balls.

Moshi Monster Party Pinata

THE PINATA!!!! This was a hit at the party, every kids loves smashing things with a stick BUT this drove me nuts to make and I probably won't ever make one again lol It wasn't that it was hard, its just paper mache and glueing etc but its very time consuming and really who has the time across a whole week to make one? not most mums lol I copied this video and just changed a few thing.

Moshi Monster Party Zoomer eyeball game

THE GAMES!!!!  Its hard thinking of games with themes you don't know much about. But with a little quizzing my 8 year old I found out names of the characters and what it was all about.

I found out that there was a zombie named Zommer with an eye missing... so perfect replacement for traditional game of pin the tail on the donkey :)

We played monster statues, instead of the kids dancing they had to behave like monsters before the music stopped. This was great to get the boys involved as we all know boys don't like to dance!

I had a table set up with lots of blank masks that I printed off the Moshi Monster website. There was texters, stamps and different things to decorated the masks. The kids then could wear them and take them home.

There is lots of different printables you can print off the Moshi Monster website  and use for different activities.

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