Simple make-up tricks to get huge Anime Cartoon eyes

Anime / Manga Eye make-up Tutorial
In the past I have searched the internet for ages on how to create this look and just come up with confusion and lots of hard ways to achieve it. There is lots of ways but basically you need a frigg'in Make-up artist degree to do them...... Well lucky for me I have been trained in make-up artistry but I am also trained in the attitude of CBF to take 2 hours to do some eye make up hahaha
So I have taken the 1000's of eyes I have seen and simplified it so anyone with basic make-up skills can get this look. I should have taken photos with each step for a tutorial but I will explain the best way I can below :)

1/ The first step always is do a base on your face/eyes, either with some fountation, primer or a compressed powder. I use all of them but you don't have to. 
Don't skip this step otherwise your eyeshadow etc will have nothing to hold to and wont last very long.

2/ Use white eye shadow across your whole lid and up to your brow
3/ Use a silver eye shadow (either matt or shiny whatever you have) on the inner eye part of your lid, and about 1cm above this, not all the way to your brow
4/ Using a charcloal or black eyeshadow blend in corners for depth.
5/ With a white pencil eye-liner draw a thick line under your eye, when you get to the tear-duct keep going about 1cm to your nose, create a point and do a short line to the top of your lid
6/ Get your liquid eye-liner and create a standard top lid line until you get to the corners. At corners create 2 lines which should be in the same flow as your natural eyelashes. After you do this  draws some extra little lines almost have down the line to create an illusion of it being lashes.
7/ Under your eye in the center draw a line about 5 mm from your bottom eyelid. DO NOT put on your actual lid or inside it, this will close up your eyes and make them look smaller. When you the line at a little distance to your eye it will create an illusion of the eye being bigger. This is also why you need the white eye-liner as that opens up your eyes.
8/ Still with the liner draw 7 little fake lines going downwards off the main line.
9/ Apply your Mascara.

Above is a quick picture I drew to explain it a little better. Hope this helps. The trick to the eye-shadow is to BLEND, always blend! No exceptions!! My drawn picture does not have it blended well, don't do it like above lol
When doing the eye-liner take your time if you are not confident in using a liquid. If you want to use a pencil you can, your lines just would not be as sharp. You can buy liquid pens now, they are pretty awesome.

Complete transformation Amane Misa from DEATH NOTE

Like I said you can use these eyes for any Cosplay, Anime, Manga, or even for the Lolita look. Have fun with it and let me know how you go. Also remember this is not meant to look natural, that's why you can get away with the draw on lashes, have fun with it :)

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