How to make a Cruella De Vil Dress-up Costume Jacket | NO SEW DIY

Are you Brilliant, Bad and a little bit Mad? Then Cruella De Vil is the dress-up costume for you! Let me show you how to make a DIY no-sew spotted Dalmatian jacket that will impress your friends and give you the chance to be the ultimate Disney Villain for a day.

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How to Make a Cruella De Vil Disney Costume the easy way.

Are you looking for a Dress-up cosplay costume that looks great, has bad girl vibes and is on-trend? This tutorial will show you how to create a Cruella De Vil costume with little effort and best of all you can wear all the pieces you need after the dress-up party.

This Cruella De Vil Costume can be used for
  1. Cosplay Comic conventions
  2. Halloween Trick or Treating
  3. Dress-up Parties
  4. Disney themed events
  5. Superhero theme Parties
  6. Work themed events
  7. Disneyland/Walt Disney World Dapper Day
I DIY'ed this costume for a dress-up work event in a retail shop. This meant I needed it to be easy to wear, appropriate for the work environment and a character that everyone would recognise. 

The Cruella Disney Movie had just been released, so this was the perfect costume for me. Plus I could wear a black dress I already owned and didn't have to wear a wig because my hair was already half blonde and black haha winning!

Make your own Cruella De Vil Jacket by following the instructions below

NO Dalmatians were harmed in this DIY


  • Skill Level - Beginner 
  • Cost - from $40
  • Time - 30 mins


TIP: You can use any white furry shaggy jacket, coat, vest or shawl you like. I purchased my jacket 4 years ago, but at the time I purchased it for $29.

DIY Cruella Dalmation Coat

Before you begin your DIY, you will need to purchase a white fur jacket, vest or shawl. I have shared some links above of some good examples of the type of long shaggy fur fashion pieces that you could use. You can also shop in your local thrift stores to find a bargain fashion piece to use.

  • Cut your yarn/wool into 2 - 3 inch sections. 
This length will depend on how long the fur is on your jacket. I cut mine at 3 inches as the fur was approx 1 inch long. You need 2 strands per Dalmatian spot.

Lay your jacket flat and calculate how many spots you would like on the front, back and both sleeves of the jacket. You can do as many or as little as you like. I made this the night before I needed it, so I did not go overboard with the spots but of course, you can be extra if you want!

  • Tie 2 strands of wool around a section of fur 
Select a section on your jacket that you would like to start at. I started from the top left corner moving across and continued this on each row below. 

Separate your shaggy fur and select a small section to pull away from the rest of the fur. Hold tight with your fingers and tie 2 strands around the base of the fur as tight as you can.

I did not double-tie to create a knot, this way I can remove the wool later without having to use scissors and ruin the fur. This means you can remove the black and re-wear the jacket. 
  • Brush the black yarn
Push the white fur away from the yarn and hold the base of the black wool between 2 fingers. Brush the wool until it becomes separated and shaggy. Once the yarn looks similar to the rest of the faux fur, pull all the fur surrounding the black spot forward to blend all the fur together.
  • Continue to the next section
Select an area to create your next Dalmatian black spot and continue the above steps over your whole jacket until you are happy with the look.

I placed the spots evenly on both sides of the jacket but only because I didn't do a lot of spots. If you doubled the number of spots then they would not have to be so mirrored on both arms and panels.

HOW TO Complete the Cruella De Vil Look!

Great Halloween and Cosplay costumes can cost a lot and you will never wear them again. You may have seen my previous post on how to create glamorous Pin-up Superhero costumes on a budget, this HOWTO is using the same method to create Disney's Cruella De Vil Pinup look.

Below is a list of products you can buy off the rack to complete the look. You may even have some of these already in your wardrobe that you can recycle. I wore joggers because I had to work all day and night but I wish I had red ones to complete the look.


  • Black Dress
  • Red Shoes
  • Jacket, Vest or Shawl


  • White Dalmatian print belt
  • Red Gloves
  • 2 Tone Black & White cool wig
  • Red Lipstick
TIP: If you can not find a Dalmatian print belt, you can draw the spots onto a plain white belt with a permanent marker


  • Curl and Tease your hair as big as possible if you are not wearing a wig
  • Spray your hair with a black washable hairspray if your hair is already blonde
  • Use bold red lipstick and black eyeliner to make this Disney character pop
Below is a Cruella make-up tutorial from Jaclyn Hill to inspire you to complete the look

I would love to see your Cruella Costumes 
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What is your favourite Disney Costume to wear?
Let me know below


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