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Twilight Vintage Buttercream Birthday Halloween Cake DIY design inspo
Twilight is back! Who would have thought this cult book & movie series would make such a huge comeback so quickly. My daughter requested this vintage-style buttercream cake for her birthday and suggested the Twilight theme and this is what I came up with.

This cake has a bit of vintage charm, classic Twilight colours, Team Edward text and an on-trend cake that is insta worthy! Okay maybe not the writing, I stuffed that up 😂 but the rest I did okay with considering I haven't used a piping bag for over 15 years 🍰

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TWILIGHT Vintage Buttercream Cake DIY

Before I start, this isn't a full tutorial, I did not have time to do a step-by-step while doing the frosting. I had limited time before I had to rush to work so I have added some buttercream piping videos and people to follow which has inspired me to get back using a piping bag and helped me to create this Twilight Cake.

I hope this inspires you to create some unique themed vintage cakes of your own.

This Twilight Cake can be used for
  1. Birthdays
  2. Fandom events
  3. Halloween
  4. Themed events
  5. Friendship love 
  6. And just because 
Twilight Vintage Buttercream Birthday Halloween Cake DIY design on-trend inspo

NO Vampires assisted in the making of this cake 😅


  • Skill Level - Moderate
  • Cost - from $40
  • Time - 1 hour upwards 


  • 2 x Vanilla Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix
  • 3 x Vanilla Betty Crocker Frosting Tubs
  • Red & Black Gel Food colouring
  • Heart Cake Tin
  • Baking Paper
  • Cream or filling for the centre
  • Cake Spatula or long flat knife
  • Piping Kit
  • Cake Decorating turntable
GF TIP: Use these ingredients if you need a Celiac safe Gluten Free Cake. Always check the ingredients in your country to see if they are GF. Ingredients vary in some countries and companies can change their recipe at any time. Please check your food colouring is also GF. 

I use Betty Crocker often, this is my go-to Gluten-Free brand that always tastes like the real deal in the GF range!

If you do not require the cake to be GF then you can use any cake mix or buttercream frosting that you like.


Here is a quick guide to creating the base cake before you decorate with your vintage piping skills or like me, lack of them 😂

  • Mix & Cook 2 cakes 
Use baking paper on the base and the sides of the tin. I use baking paper instead of an oil spray or butter. This way I know the cake will hold its shape perfectly and not stick to the pan.
how to make a heart shaped cake the easy way
  • Tower the 2 cakes
Remove the baking paper and allow the cakes to cool. Place one cake on top of the other, and cut any unevenly cooked cake flat. Make sure the top cake is placed upside down. This creates a clean edge and a perfect shape. 

Before placing the top cake on, fill the cake in the centre with cream, jam or any filling of your choice.
how to crumb coat a heart shaped cake for cake decorating
  • Crumb coat the cake
Using a blunt edge tool like a long knife or a spatula, place a smooth layer of frosting over the whole cake, filling in the sides where the cakes join and any gaps in the cake. I only needed a thin coat because the cake was already smooth from the baking paper.

Place the cake in the fridge to let the frosting harden and set. This layer stops the loose crumbs on the cake from getting into your buttercream and looking messy. It also creates a clean flat edge to start your cake decorating.
learn the steps to make a buttercream cake for birthdays and celebrations
  • Decorate!
Plan your design with what colours you would like to use and which piping tips you will be using.

I purchased a piping tip kit that had a huge amount of tips in it to create different textures and styles. The key to this vintage design is to mix it all up, with colours and piping styles.

I have drawn up a cake printable that you can print, colour in and design your own colour combo and cake sayings. You can add your own icing colours and piping tips to the sheet for reference. Have fun!

Save the picture below or 
FREE Vintage Cake Colouring in page Printable, Design your own buttercream cake and plan your cake decorating the smart way


I did not get time to take step-by-step photos of the piping steps but these are the basic steps I followed for a quick guide
  1. Mix your colours and have them ready to use
  2. Cover your whole cake in buttercream and smooth it over the cake on the sides and top
  3. Fill your piping bag with your main colour, mine was red. And pipe around the base and top in your selected piping tips
  4. Pipe any other section with this colour. I also piped the big hanging ribbon-looking lines on the side
  5. Select the next colour and pipe where you like. I used the white and started the piping on the bottom and worked up. I did the flowers after I piped the thin lines and then I did the wording last.
I made a huge error in the wording so here is my tip for you

TIP - Plan out your text before you write it directly on the cake, your spacing is everything 😂 

But if you do make an error, place the cake in the freezer for 5 mins and using the end of a toothpick, carefully take the letters off. They should be hard and come off in one go. You can then redo your text. My redo still was not great but was way better than what it was HAHA

Remember you can make these cakes in any theme, it does not have to be a Twilight theme vintage cake, it can be ANYTHING you want. TEAM EDWARD just was what my daughter requested 💗 I also love how the contrasting red, black and white buttercream looked together.
Twilight Vintage Buttercream Birthday Halloween Cake DIY design on-trend inspoTwilight Vintage Buttercream Birthday Halloween Cake DIY design on-trend inspo
Twilight TEAM EDWARD Vintage Buttercream Birthday Halloween Cake DIY design on-trend inspo
You can see lots of examples of Vintage Buttercream in my previous post 

Below is a few cake artists who have great tutorials and guides on how to create these adorable yet stylish cakes. Follow them for inspiration and tips to create your dream cake!


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Twilight Vintage Buttercream Birthday Halloween Cake DIY design on-trend inspo
Are you Team Edward?
Let me know below

Twilight TEAM EDWARD Vintage Buttercream Birthday Halloween Cake DIY design on-trend inspo

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