60+ Cartoon 2D Comic Cakes to Lust After | 2023 TREND ALERT

2D Comic and cartoon-themed cake decorating has become a popular trend in the last few months and will be a huge hit among decorators and partygoers this year. You may have already seen this pop-art style on Tik Tok or Instagram. 
I have put together a list of some of my favourite cake designers from around the world and 62 pictures to maybe even inspire you to make your own cartoon cakes.
Spectacular 2023 2D Comic Cake from dolce_cakestudio on Instagram


Many bakers and cake decorators are using their skills to create cakes that resemble traditional buttercream cakes but with the look of a 2D comic cake. Some popular examples include cakes that look like a single slice of cake, tiered cartoon cakes and mini-comic cakes in different sizes.
And before you ask, yes these are REAL
They are not fake treats, seriously!
Watch the video at the end of one being cut

The most important feature of these cakes is the black outline detail made from either rolled fondant or piped icing. The comic cakes look easy to make but there is a skill to them, buy hey any trend is worth trying if you think you can DIY your own!

This style reminds me of the Dr Seuss Books, Retro Pop-art & kitsch 70's & 80s cartoons
Look at the detail of this 2D Comic Cake from labohemistanbul on Instagram

Top Comic Cake Creators, you need to follow
In this post, you will find inspiration from some talented cake designers that are making Instagram-worthy cakes that are out of this world. This list will inspire you to make your own versions and follow some new cool creators on Instagram to make them for you. Below is a guide of 10 cake styles featuring comic book cakes to drool after.

This trend can be seen in cool fun bakeries and online cake decorating tutorials, especially TikTok, Youtube & Instagram. These cakes are a fun way to add a unique touch to any special occasion and are suitable for all ages.

1. Small Mini Comic Cakes

Is anything better than a mini cake? Enjoy it yourself or give it to a friend on their birthday, either way, it's a win!

  1. Fun round mini Comic Cakes from dd.darak 
  2. Cute mini shaped Comic designs by islagiron
  3. Mini pudding shape Comic Cake by renklipastahanem 
  4. Fun round Comic Cakes from kekandco 
  5. Mini comic Cake Slice design by dolcedelechee 

2. Cake Slice Comic Cakes

Did someone say a cake that looks like an individual cut slice of cake? Just give it to me now.
  1. Bluey Comic cut Cake inspiration by ranginkamoon.cake
  2. Pretty in pink icing Comic Cake slice idea by cake_mansion
  3. Pastel delight Comic Cake slices by alwarefah_sweets 
  4. Colourful Cartoon Cake slice by sylssweetbakes

3. All White 2D Comic Cakes

Even though this cake trend is very colourful and bold, it also works perfectly in classic white. Can I put my order in now? 
  1. White candle & cream Comic Cake by  juliabakessweets 
  2. White & red cherry Cartoon Cake by dulcesmarcii
  3. White Comic Cake slice by alwarefah_sweets 
  4. White large Bow dripping Cartoon Cake by ranginkamoon.cake 
  5. White & black cherry & smiley face doodle Comic Cake by amaterasu_confeitaria

4. Multi-layered Tier Comic Cakes

What is better than a 1-tier fun cake? A 2-tier layer cake that is beyond words! If only I had the patience to make one of these.
  1. Colourful large 2-tier Comic Cake inspiration by cakeqweenhull 
  2. Adorable purple & cherry 2 Tier Cartoon Cake idea by muscake.om 
  3. Bold red & green round candle 2D Cake by balkayapastanesi1936  
  4. Sweet Pastel 2-tier layer Comic Cake idea by yummybakes 
  5. Fun crazy Cartoon Cake inspo by shookupcakes

5. All Occasions Comic Cakes

Do you have a birthday, anniversary, farewell, or store opening coming up and need some new ideas, then check out these cakes that can be used for any celebration.
  1. Cute round tall cherries 2d Cake by d.darak
  2. Dr Suess coloured Comic Cake idea by cake.embassy 
  3. Simple & beautiful Comic Cake inspo by cflenna 
  4. Bubblegun splatter colourful 2d Cake by muscake.om 
  5. Spotted dot pink & blue Cartoon Cake by quality.cakes 

6. Worded Comic Cakes

Do you have something to say? Why not say it on a cake. This could be funny, traditional, emotional or even crude. Whatever it is the person receiving it will love the personalised touch.
  1. Sold out word Comic Cake by heeyacake_ 
  2. You're my true lover heart Cartoon Cake by dimanche_2f  
  3. Round word Comic Cake by happineat_cake
  4. Happy Anniversary 2D cake by jomiljomil_bake 
  5. Melted word heart Comic Cake by jollycakery_melbourne 
  1. Mini Heart celebration Comic Cakes by heeyacake_ 
  2. Yellow Happy B'day Cartoon Cake by houseofcakesbymonica 
  3. Happy Birthday pale pink heart Cartoon Cake by la_petitebakery_my  
  4. Happy Birthday name 2D cake by sosroum_cake 
  5. Spectacular fun Sorry Comic Cake by tigga_mac 

7. Special Occasion Comic Cakes

Why have a boring or traditional Baby Shower or Engagement cake when you can have an over-the-top exciting one? You could create a whole theme around the below cakes and have the coolest decorations ever!
  1. Baby Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Comic Cake idea by muscake.om  
  2. Elegant * cool Wedding or Engagement Comic Cake inspo by leonardoespinozaok 
  3. Pastel cloud Gender Reveal Comic Cake idea by eli.tastysweets  
  4. On trend number age 2d Cartoon Cake by tedtscafebakery 

8. Amazing Christmas Themed Comic Cakes

I won't lie, I squealed when I saw these Christmas-themed cakes, how wonderful would these be sitting on your dessert table over the holiday? This style would also look adorable for Easter with bunnies & eggs or for Halloween with ghosts & bats
  1. Pastel green Christmas snowman Cartoon 2D Cake by amys.littlecakery 
  2. Pastel Christmas snowman Comic Cake by ranginkamoon.cake 
  3. Christmas themed 2d Cartoon Cake inspo by lenankakku 
  4. Fun gingerbread man Christmas Comic Cake by irenecakedesign 

9. Fake Candle Comic Cakes

Why have one fake candle when you can have many? The fake candles mixed with the cartoon whipped cream may be my favourite thing about this cake decorating style, the little flames are just too much goodness

  1. Purple tone candle Comic Cake by the_cake_decorating_co 
  2. Sprinkle party Comic Cake by marys_cake_creations  
  3. Tall candle colourful 2d Cake by katyskitchen1 
  4. Sweet Yellow Cartoon Cake idea by pur_deliz 
  5. Spotted pink candle Comic Cake inspo by sweetyanis_ch 

10. Fun Shaped Comic Cakes

Classic Round cakes..... nope, not in this section. Square boxes, Circle boxes, Hearts and huge cupcakes only. Imagine making a Comic Cake in a diamond or moon? Yes, please!
  1. Bright pink & blue gift box Comic Cake idea by tigga_mac
  2. Round box hat box shape Comic Cake by donaterninha  
  3. Romanticly cool red bow heart 2d Comis Cake idea by poconpoco 
  4. Huge cupcake comic Cake design by ranginkamoon.cake 
  5. Square Box 2D Cake idea by avital_live 

11. Themed Comic Cakes

The best thing about Comic Cakes is that you can design and make them into any design. Let your imagination run wild and find the theme that suits you. So who can make me a Seinfeld Comic Cake? 😂
  1. Lemon slice themed Comic Cake design by marycostacake 
  2. 1980's Rollerskate pastel 2d Cake by keishacakesllc 
  3. Education books & apple teacher Comic Cake idea by marycostacake  
  4. Kawaii vegetable Comic Cake idea by vellichor.cakery 
  5. Sexy red lips Cartoon Cake by shugabudz 
  6. Adorable watermelon Kawaii 2d Comic Cake inspo by vellichor.cakery 

Should you try to DIY a 2D Cartoon Comic Cake?

I say go for it, just remember when making your own cartoon cake that the key components of this design are bold black thin lines, fake candles, huge cherries or strawberries and over-the-top whipped cream.

Why should you try this on-trend Comic Cake design style in 2023?

Cakes have the ability to bring people together and what better way to do it than with a cute colourful comic cake. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or any other special occasion, this cake style will be the centrepiece of your celebration and sure to impress your family and friends. 

So if you love to express your creativity, stay on trend and enjoy trying new designs, and decorations, then this is the cake design for you in 2023.
Black heart Goth Inspired Kawaii Comic Cake by heeyacake_

How do you make a 2D Comic Cake?

There are a few different cake decorating techniques I have come across to make these 2D cakes with either a full marzipan/fondant base or a buttercream frosting smooth base.

My favourite cake decorator I have come across that has lots of tips and tricks and cake-cutting videos on her Tik Tok is Tigga_Mac. Make sure you check her out and follow
@tigga_mac THE END RESULT EXCEEDED MY OWN EXPECTATIONS. 🤩 #tiggamac #okiedokie #cakevideo #comiccake #cartooncake #caketrends #cakedecorator #caketutorial ♬ original sound - Tigga Maccormack
Sweet Pink & Blue Christmas snowman Comic Cake by ninosegypt 

Celebrations you will want these 2D Comic cakes for!

These quirky cakes can be made in different sizes and for all ages. They are the perfect cake for Teens, College students and young adults who want a trendy cake and are looking for something different and fun.

DIY or buy these cakes for
  1. Birthdays
  2. Break-ups
  3. Weddings
  4. Girls Nights
  5. Bachelorette or Hen Parties
  6. Graduations
  7. Farewells
  8. Engagements
  9. Weddings
  10. Baby Showers
  11. Gender reveals
  12. Valentines day
  13. Anniversaries
  14. BFF Day
  15. To cheer up anyone who is frowning
@tigga_mac Replying to @julie HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE! 🎁 #tiggamac #okiedokie #cakevideo #cakedecorating #caketrends #cartooncake #cartoon #cakevideo #birthdaycake ♬ original sound - Tigga Maccormack
What 2D Comic cake is your favourite?
Let me know below

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