18th Naked Birthday Cake on a budget

So my oldest daughter turned 18th, WOW time has flown. For her small party she requested a Naked floral cake, I thought why not, lets do this!!!

These cakes can cost a fortune due to them being on trend for engagement parties, weddings, birthdays and really any event you want a stylish cake. So my mission was to create this style with little money but still stunning.

This is how I made it

I brought four 80 cent vanilla cake mix, yes 80c !
Betty Crocker Frosting for outside & fresh cream and jam for centre
Fake flowers from a discount shop $5
$1 gold glitter numbers 


- Cook 3 to 4 cakes in standard small cake tin, Mix according to instructions and add vanilla essence for extra flavour. Four cooked cakes will create extra height but this will still be effective with only 3 cakes
- Let cakes cool and slice in half.
- layer cakes on top of each other by using the jam and cream to keep them together, do not use too much cream.
- Once you have the height you can frost the cake. As this is a naked cake you want to use a long flat spatula and glide around the cake in long motions. Do on the top the same, remember this is meant to be raw looking so no need to be perfect :)
- When you are happy with the look you can cut up your flowers and foliage and decorate as you please, I found less is more with this cake.

How effective do these gold glitter cake toppers look? Great touch to add the birthday girls age

Happy Baking

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