Cheap & Easy FAIRY WINGS Tutorial NO SEW

 This may be the easiest and cheapest dress-up outfit for your child, EVER!!! NO SEW
I was given the task of making bulk costumes for my girls dance school on a budget of $5 each for our towns annual street parade. The theme was pastels....... ahhh what to do...... A beautiful group of Fairies ofcourse!!!
Here is a basic picture tutorial to make your own
 Now I had 3 days to make over 60 fairy wings so please forgive the roughness, I am sure if you only had one pair to make you could do them 1000 times better :)

Below shows the basic HOW TO process
- I made a small template for the smaller younger girls, measuring their arm width and height as a rough guide.
- Fold the fabric in half (I used shiny sheer chiffon that was $2 a metre from a discount fabric shop)
- once folder cut the unfolded edge in shape as in above photo. I did all my small sizes first and then worked off that template to make 4 different sizes for all the age groups.
- lay fabric flat and stick your sequins on in a matching pattern on both sides with strong craft glue. I actually sprayed the smaller children's wings with cheap white spray paint to give it more detail but you do not have to do this.
- once sequins are dry, cut a small hole in each upper corner and attach ribbon through it or I attached elastic bands that the kid's put around their middle finger or wrist.
- when putting the fairy wings on, attach a safety pin to the back centre of the clothing to hold wings in place.

Sheer Chiffon fabric
Cheap Sequins from Amazon
Clear Craft Glue
White Spray Paint from local hardware store
Elastic bands or Ribbon for hand ties
Safety pins to attach to shirt/dress

Some of the other lovely mums made the hair pieces using layers of flowers off the Hawaiian neck leis you find in the discount stores glued on to some ribbon, how pretty do they look on all the girls!! Below are my 2 daughters all ready for the parade with their fairy swirl metallic make-up and stick on gems.

I would have liked to show you more photos from the parade but I didn't want to show the kids faces as I do not have permission :( but you can see the effect off all the kids in their different shades of pink, purple, green and blue.... so pretty.... the kids had a ball!!!!

These are perfect to make for groups of kids for school concerts, dance groups, fairy themed birthday parties and just home dress-up costumes, if you add a pretty dress... outfit complete!

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