Free printable T-BIRD, PINK LADIES & POODLE stencil | COSTUME DIY

"Grease is the word, is the word that you heard..." Who doesn't love the Grease movie and want to be Frenchie or one of your favourite characters? 

Create your own T BIRD Jacket or Pink Ladies skirt and jacket with these Free A4 printable GREASE stencils
Dancers faces blocked out for privacy and humour 😎

 These stencils were made for a dance group to sparkle up their costume on stage. I used metallic silver paint and silver glitter on the PU black pre-made jackets and black fabric paint with silver glitter on the pink cotton 50's circle skirts I made.

  • print and cut out the A4 stencil (scroll to the bottom of page)
  • tape to the fabric in the correct spot
  • sponge on the paint carefully staying within the lines so there is no bleeding. 
  • While the paint is wet sprinkle glitter straight onto the paint
  • take the stencil off
  • let the paint dry
  • shake the fabric/jacket/skirt to get rid of excess glitter
  • seal with a clear coat of spray to keep the glitter on
* this is not washable, well not that I tried. I did use black fabric paint for the shirt but I doubt the glitter would wash well. If you would like it long-lasting and washable then I suggest buying fabric glitter paint

  1. Black Speedball fabric paint from an art shop
  2. Silver Sargent Liquid metal paint 
  3. Black Biker Jacket 
  4. Glitter from $1 store

Click the stencils to enlarge and print to use for your Grease Movie dress-up costume or retro rockabilly outfit. 

Print the poodle portrait A4
Print the Pink Ladies portrait A4
Print the T-Birds Stencil landscape A4

To complete your pink ladies outfit you can add a necktie and hair bow. To complete your greaser TBIRD outfit you can wear tight black pants, black singlet and of course the slick back hair😊 You can buy plain leggings and singlets from your local Kmart or Big W if in Australia or Walmart or H&M if elsewhere.

These stencils can be used for dress-up costumes, not just for a dance concert outfit. If you're having a 1950's retro party you could stencil the poodles on napkins, a tablecloth, invites or anything really. Or you can make your own Halloween costume and use these to become your own Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, Frenchy or even Kenickie 

Stencils are to not be sold for profit and for personal use only :)

Happy Crafting!

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