How to Sew Keepsake Name Pocket ANGELS | SEWING DIY

Angels are a special keepsake and represent strength, love & peace. I made this fabric angel for a precious angels Mother.   

This keepsake Angel turned out so beautiful I have put together a basic tutorial for you to make your own for yourself or a gift.


Sewing skills - Medium level
Approx cost - $4
Approx time - 30 mins for a beginner

  • Soft Fabric
  • Sequins or beads
  • Sewing Machine
  • Stuffing
I used a soft fur fabric with a tiny stretch in it which worked well


  1. Print & cut out your pattern
  2. Pin pattern to fabric and cut out leaving a hem
  3. Sew around the edge in a straight stitch leaving a hole under the wing on the side. Make sure the outside fabric is facing in
  4. Pull the angel the correct way out through the hole
  5. Stuff the Angel with filling making sure it is not too fat
  6. Hand-stitch the side seam up
  7. Highlight your wings by sewing the lines with a sewing machine. Large stitch length
  8. Decorate with your sequins or beads
This project is a little fiddly but definitely not a hand sewing project.

I have also made this design using beading for the name and halo. The end result is different which shows you that you can customise however you choose. These were for a wedding party to carry with them on the day in memory of a loved one.

I have uploaded a free DIY pattern for you below to make your own, you could print at whichever size you would like your keepsake name angel to be. I made this one approx 20cm in length.

This would make a beautiful precious gift for someone who has lost a loved one. You can add some ribbon so it can hang as a feature for a special decoration or make it large for a pillow.

Happy Crafting

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