Gift Satchel bags from recycled magazines | EASY DIY

Do you have a pile of old magazines which are ready to be thrown out? Then stop! Tear out all the cool pictures in it and make yourselves some fun satchels for all types of gift-giving.

Below is an easy tutorial on how to make your own with a FREE Printable Pattern

HOW TO RECYCLE MAGAZINES & make small gift bag satchels
1/ Print and cut your template using cardboard
2/ Find pictures in magazines, newspapers or comics to suit your needs and which are big enough to fit your template
3/ Position template over paper and trace around
4/ Cut where you have marked outline
5/ Turn paper over & place your centre template in the centre
6/ Fold around the cardboard
7/ Unfold and place the sticky tape on one side facing outwards, fold down and then fold another side on top of the tape. the sides should sit flush in the centre.
8/ Glue bottom with a glue stick

That's it, all done!! you can now place gift cards, jewellery, hair accessories, seeds, money or anything which you need a small envelope for.  Make these in bulk and store away for when you need them.

Perfect size for necklaces and way cuter & cheaper than buying little boxes.

 Gift cards & cash fit perfectly, make the gift receiver feel like they are getting a more personal gift than just a last-minute gift card 

I love that these can be customised for so many different people, for the girlie girls, the geeks or movie buffs, even then fangirls like me... if only I had a great picture of Jensen Ackles to make little satchels for myself haha maybe I should print some!

I posted my father-in-law various seeds for his garden for fathers day in one of these and placed the mini envelope inside his card.. way too easy for a flat gift for the postal system.

Click the free printable A4 template below to save/print and make your own envelopes. You could adjust the print size to make mini ones or larger ones. Standard size print at 100%


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  1. This is such a good idea! Definitely going to do this, thanks so much!


  2. What a clever idea!

  3. Love them! I definitely will try this - thank you :)

  4. My boyfriend would LOVE these so much!