Waxing Vs Tweezing your Eyebrows | BEAUTY

Today I was talking to my 22-year-old niece about her eyebrows & I thought that this subject was a good idea for a beauty post.

Before I start I would like to say this is my opinion and I do not know if there are any facts etc. on what I am going to say but from experience & what I have seen this is what I have found.

Most females shape their eyebrows either by waxing or tweezing them to make them look all pretty and such..... really we all should be shaping them as this really does frame your face and open up your eyes 😊

BUT what is best for us?

In my view, everyone should be tweezing. 
Yes you know that painful way that makes our eyes water and the pain seems to last forever, yep that!

Why you should Pluck your Eyebrows to shape them?

The sole reason I believe this is mainly for one thing and one thing only. Your skin is sensitive and thin around your eyebrow area. The more you pull and tug at it the looser and thinner the skin gets, causing the skin under your eyebrows to droop earlier and create heavy-looking eyes. No one wants to age before their time and no one wants to get an eyelift and look like a stunned goose to correct the problem 😁 Botox can only do some much in this area.

If you think about it, if you are waxing your eyebrows every 2 - 3 weeks, imagine how many times your skin is getting tugged and pulled in your lifetime. That can not be good for your sensitive eye area.

I waxed my eyebrows a few times when I was younger until an older and stunning co-worker told me never ever to get them waxed and if I did she would kick my arse..  😂😂 

She really did say this and coming from a lady in her 40s shocked me but when she told me why I looked at her wonderful non-ageing eyes and thought this woman knows her stuff! and I never waxed my eyebrows again 😊

There are lots of different tweezers you can use, really it's up to your preference. There are even some cute ones like the above if you want some fun in your tweezers. I love the scissor-style design, I have always used them as I can control them more. One tip though when buying them, is do not go cheap, these babies need to work well if you are using them often so pay the extra money and get some good quality ones. When buying make sure the ends line up flat and perfect, if they don't they will not work.

Now my half-arse disclaimer.

I should post a picture of my eyebrow line to show you the result of tweezing and not waxing for the last 20 years... yes 20 😑 Geez I am getting old 

This is a photo I already had, it's not from today but it's not that old. It's the only one I could find with my eyebrows showing behind my glasses and with hardly any makeup on and not photo-shopped (ignore the hair on my left eyebrow not neat and pretty 😊)

I am 35 years old, I do not say my age very often but this post I guess needs it said. If this does not encourage you to change to tweezing, especially if you are still young with many many years ahead then nothing will change your mind but it is everyone's choice to decide on what's best and easiest for them.

If you prefer tweezing then maybe you could consider getting your eyebrows waxed every so often for the shaping and tweeze in between the salon trips to keep up with the shaping, every little bit helps.

Please let me know your thoughts on waxing or tweezing, I like other people's views even when they are different from mine.

Much love 💗


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