Claw blood cupcakes DIY

My last cake post of my eyeball cupcakes had a great response online and a few people have asked me how to make the edible blood so I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make the blood and show you how to create an easy claw cupcake as well :)

HOW TO MAKE BLOOD you can eat
Making blood is fairly simple, the hardest part is getting the deeper red colour of actual blood as when you only add red food colouring it is quite bright which is what you do not want.

What you need
- jar of glucose syrup
can find hidden in the cooking isle of your supermarket
- red food colouring
- some type of fine brown granules
I use coffee but you could use Milo, cocoa powder, really anything that is brown, you hardly use any of this so you can not taste it

Step 1
Pour a few tablespoons of glucose syrup in old lid or a container, whatever doesn't matter really. This stuff is very sticky so if you use an old medicine cup you can just throw it out so you don't need to clean the mess :)
Step 2
Put a few drops of red food dye in it and mix
Step 3
Its now too bright so add some fine coffee granules (just a little) to darken it up ad mix in well.

You now have sticky icky blood ready to eat <3


So now you have the blood made you only need to do a few simple things to make these horror cakes... I like to think a werewolf has tried to steal my cakes but has not been successful lol

1/ Cook your cupcakes (whatever flavour you want, its all about the decorating)

2/ On top of your cupcake place a thin layer of red icing over it to hold on the fondant and keep the blood gore feel to the cake when you bite into it. If you don't have icing just use the glucose syrup, its damn sticky enough

3/ Roll out some marzipan / fondant and with a cup the same size as the top of your cupcake cut out your circles

4/ with a sharp knife, slit a line down the center

5/ once you have cut the first line, get your knife and turn out the edges of the slit so the cut is not flat but sticking upwards a bit. You want the cut a little rough looking, it is a claw after all :)

6/ Now place some blood inside the slit. I used a spoon but if you do not have a steady hand maybe you could use a throwaway piping bag with a fine tip.

7/ repeat with more slits & blood, keep the side claw marks shorter as werewolves create this mark...... yes I talk like I am an expert on this, lets pretend I am lol

& that's it, all done :)

You could make these in bulk and serve up for Halloween or some lovely horror themed birthday party!! I have neither of them coming up but I do have a new episode of True Blood to watch, so that will have to do.

If you have any questions please ask, I will do a tutorial on how to make the eyeball cakes soon :)


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  1. Looks awesome, and easy to do! I think I will try it! Thanks for the amazing tutorial!

  2. Shared on Pinterest, love it! Do you mind if I try making these for Halloween on my blog? They totally rock.

    1. wow thats for pinning it on Pinterest :)
      Yes feel free to make these for your blog, let me know how yours turn out xx

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I have a daughter who has a birthday in October, she likes to have Halloween themed parties, this would be perfect!

    1. The kids will love them... its even better that they are not time consuming for you, parties can get crazy :)

  4. These are positively disgusting. Love them!! :D What a fun idea! I might have to make some, along with a few that have vampire bites (two holes with blood oozing out of them?!) before the next Twilight movie comes out...not that I um...will see it or anything. ;)

    1. haha oh yes, me either, I don't need to see the baby being born and growing up hehe

      Yes that's a great idea for the final movie, I have done vampire bites before but the cakes would be more awesome and effective with both the slasher werewolf claws and vampire fangs for the movie!! DO IT!!!


  5. Now that was really cool hon. =) This is really great for Halloween =). Hugs.=)

  6. You just realllly impressed my nephew! He was like 'woooah', then I showed him the eyeball one and he said he'd eat it eyeball first!

  7. These are amazing! Such a simple yet super effective idea. I am SO pinning these so I remember to make them for Halloween. Thank you for the tutorial. x