How to create Comic book nails | EASY DIY

A few weeks ago my husband said to me "oh you did your toenails like they are in a comic book, they look good" 

I look at him blankly and ask "What are you talking about?" 
"you know the highlights" 
"Ummm no that's just the light shining on them, I haven't done anything" 😂😂 

But that gave me an idea to actually try doing some, it was pretty easy. I think if I did a clear topcoat they would look better but I was being lazy and didn't want to wait around for them to dry, I wanted to eat and food comes first.

 DIY Supplies
  • Nail polish in the colour of your choice
  • Tape
  • White nail polish

  • Paint your whole nails in a solid colour & let dry for at least an hour
  • Tape each nail with 2 pieces of tape leaving a gap to one side 
  • Paint inside the gap with white or a lighter shade of what you are wearing 
  • Peel off the tape and let the nail polish dry
  • Throw on a clear topcoat & you are done

This is a cute cartoon look and I enjoyed this easy DIY nail art, hope you like this tutorial on how to be a comic book girl, even if it's just the nails 😀 I should thank my husband for the idea


What colour comic nails would you like to try? 
Let me know below in the comments 


  1. Thats quite genius! Props to the hubby!

Holly Foxen Wells


    1. I will give him credit this time ;) haha oxo

  2. Hey I love your blog. Do you fancy doing a guest post on my site let me know as I'd love to hear from you and we can chat more. Email me at if you are interested. Btw these nails are lush :) love em

    1. wow I would love to Susie :)
      Sorry I didn't see this post, it was in my spam commentfolder. My email has been corrupted so I can not email out until Yahoo says my account is safe again :( but I will email you as soon as its sorted x

  3. georgeous idea!
    the final effect is stunning!