Zombie Koala Plush Doll | SEWING INSPIRATION

Did someone say Zombie Koala? 
These are the products that I used, but you can adapt to suit your own plush killer zombie koala. 

Sewing Tutorial Details
  • 3 Hour project time
  • Moderate sewing skills
  • Cost Approx $10
DIY Supplies
  • Bright Lime Green Velour stretch fabric
  • Felt in Neon Pink, White and black
  • Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread
  • Black Wool
  • Filling
  • Large hole Needle for the wool

I made this Zombie Koala plush doll last year for a friend overseas in London, I keep saying I will make more of these, I really need to!

People think Koalas are cute and cuddly... believe me, they are evil and will claw you to death if you look at them the wrong way 😂😂 Probably eat you too! 

I love how the brains & guts turned out, as well as the stitches & the lopsided ears.

INSTRUCTIONS to make your own Zombie Koala
  • Draw up a koala shape and cut out the pattern
  • Pin the pattern to your lime fabric and cut, leave a small hem allowance
  • Place panels together and sew around the edge, leaving a 1-inch hole
  • Pull the fabric through the hole making the sewn seams inside and the outside fabric the right way around
  • Fill the plush doll with stuffing
  • Hand-sew your hole-up
  • Design you face, stomach and gore details and cut out your felt
  • Hand-stitch your details onto the zombie plush doll
  • With your black wool, hand stitch on details like the mouth, stitches around the stomach and under-eye bags
  • Add some filling stuffing for the inside of the ears to look furry

I hope you can create your own Horror Zombie Pets, I know they would be a hit at Halloween time and for Horror Movie lovers

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Do you trust Koalas? 😂😅
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