Handmade Pac-man geek love pillow

I am in the process of making another one of my Pac-man pillows for a anniversary gift. The more I make these the more I love how fun they are. I also need to make one for a friend who's wedding is coming up, so I think I will put both the couples name on it with the marriage date like I have for the previous anniversary ones <3

 You may have already seen my retro arcade pillow on the Geek Crafts Blog which it was featured on last year.

This gamer pillow was all hand sewn, excluding the actual pillowcase and the arcade 8-bit maze. The power pellets are sequin hearts where Ms Pacman is chasing Pac-man (my favourite bit) the rest are all gold sequins and all the ghost have googly eyes.

The stitch word embroidery is my friends name who is the player & with her birth year as the score... yes I think of these little things, details are everything lol

This is the type of craft I enjoy doing, a bit of an old school classic design with a little twist.
For some reason hand sewing calms me and always makes me smile when I have finished, even if it has taken me longer than I expected and things may have not worked out how I wanted, I may have throw the project a few times 8) or had to unpick some major error, its what makes it more rewarding when you have finished and not given up 100 times like you really wanted to.

Enjoy your weekend people :)

Please do not use for resale or profit


  1. Y'know what, I'm so close to stopping following your blog because you make SO MANY amazing things and i'm envious and kind of lazy :P This is AMAZING!

    1. haha you always make me smile, especially when I am feeling crappy <3
      & you are more amazing!!!!

      thanks honey xxxxx

  2. OK! So this pillow is yet amazing example of how talented you are. I love the little google eyes on those litle guys.