Easy Sizzling Halloween brew drink

DIY Halloween drinks that will delight and excite your children and best of all you only need 2 ingredients! Easiest recipe ever!

Soft Drink (choose your colour)
- red for the blood of Vampires
- green for zombie juice
- dark cola for witches brew

Choose your colour to match your theme

- Pour your freshly opened fizzy soft drink almost to top to a clear glass
- Get some of your fairy floss and place on top of cup, don't push down.
- Serve drink and lightly push down candy floss into the soft drink. Once it hits the drink it will react with it and start bubbling, sizzling and oozing.

This little recipe will impress all your Guests young and old at your Halloween party and can be altered to use for different themed parties and events.

Add little Halloween treats and create even more WOW, I added some little plastic spider rings the kids could keep as a mini favor gift. Remember to tell the kids they are not edible :)

Enjoy the video below of the Vampires cocktail bubbling of watch HERE on my instagram 

Happy Halloween

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