How to Custom Print Your Own T-shirts | FASHION DIY

T-shirts are one of the few pieces of clothing where we can show our individuality, express our views and just have some fun wearing. You do not need expensive screen printing machines or any skills at making t-shirts at home, with minimal time and effort you will be making your own tee in no time.



Plain t-shirts are one of the easiest, cheapest and most unique DIY projects to try, making custom one-off fashion pieces that your friends will be envious of. There are many ways to design your own t-shirts, with some imagination and a little know-how, you will be creating tees for yourself and your friend's gifts.

The Timothée Chalamet photo used in this tutorial is at the bottom of this post for you to save and print for free. I have already edited this to A4 size and mirrored it to print.

How to transfer pictures on a T-shirt Instructions

DIY Supplies
- Blank T-shirt
- Inkjet printer fabric t-shirt transfer paper
- Iron
- Computer or Phone to find a picture

There are lots of brands of fabric transfer paper to use that range in low to high prices. I have tried the Kmart transfer paper, to the expensive paper like above which was from Spotlight. I find the main difference is the thickness of the paper. 

My 1st Tip is when using the cheaper fabric transfer paper, always wash your garment on a delicate wash with no harsh washing detergents. This will keep the print vibrant and like new.

My 2nd Tip is never to put your garment into the clothes dryer, the heat will break up the print and ruin it

Print your own T-shirt Tutorial
1| Find a picture you would like on your shirt, or create one in an art program. There are free art programs like Krita & Artweaver. Krita is suitable for Windows, macOS & Linux. 

If you are using your phone Sketchpad is a great free app to use for all ages.

If the photo you find does not need editing, then you do not need any program, you can print straight from the pic from your computer or phone. This is an easy way to print a photo you would like to use.

If you are printing words, quotes or logos etc, you need to flip the image horizontally and mirror the image. 

For t-shirt inspiration, you can look here

2| Print your picture onto your transfer paper. You can buy this paper in A3 or A4 size in small packets. The paper is available in 2 styles of paper for Light or Dark colour t-shirts. When printing, check the transfer papers instruction to make sure you are using the correct type of printer. Most paper is for Inkjet printers. Print full-page. 
Once printed you can trim around the edges. I left a 3mm white edge around each side so the picture was not cut into and not straight.
3| Place the paper where you would like on the t-shirt, I used masking tape as a border to where the picture would be. I took off the tape once in place and before ironing.

With a hot iron, iron the paper until the design is perfectly down on all edges. Put the temperature on your iron according to your Transfer papers instructions.

Peel the top layer off carefully and in one movement leaving your design behind on the t-shirt.

I created a Timothée Chalamet t-shirt using a photo from his Instagram, but you can find pictures from your favourite celebrities or pictures on social media, Pinterest or Google. This is an easy affordable way to make Fandom Tee's for conventions and tees of your celeb crush.

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