Floral Frankenstein Apron project | DIY CRAFT INSPO

Here is a cute idea for a Rockabilly Mum for Mothers Day or really just anyone who likes things that are a little bit quirky but adorable, that could even be yourself or your best friend. You can make it yourself with little money and basic sewing and craft skills.

How to stencil a Frankenstein Vintage Apron 

I found some cheap cute floral cotton fabric and made a basic waist apron out of it. You can find lots of free patterns and tutorials online but I just made up the pattern myself. The fabric was $2 per metre, a bargain.

I then found a picture of Frankenstein and converted it in Photoshop to make a stencil. I cut it out using that design. You can really stencil anything on the apron but I had bought the green fabric paint on sale for 50 cents so Frankie was a perfect choice for the apron and good contrast on the pink and white fabric.

Next, I just stencilled the design onto the fabric using a brush and fabric paint. Let it dry and iron to set the fabric paint.

You now have the cutest pin-up apron to give as a gift
- or to cook in 
- to wear at Halloween
- or to just prance around the house pretending to be a 50's housewife looking all pretty and shit.😂

Add some sexy heels, and hair in vintage pin curls and don't do any housework....... oh wait that's me, of course, no one else does that do they? 😂

I will do a future tutorial with every step on stencilling and apron making to make it easier to follow if you have never done these before.


Have you tried to stencil on clothing? 
Let me know below in the comments 

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