How to make Advent Calendar Boxes with recycled Toilet Paper Rolls | Christmas DIY

 Christmas Advent gift boxes can be so expensive to buy and most store-bought Calenders do not fit the style or aesthetic of your Holiday home decor theme. 

This easy, cheap and recyclable Toliet Paper Roll DIY will have you collecting all your loo rolls and decorating them to match your own theme in no time.

I will show you how to create natural Christmas Boho Advent gift boxes that you can personalise easily by adding paint, ribbon, lace and glitter to create any Holiday style that will suit your own home. I am loving the natural home decor tones at the moment so I have made them raw with no paint or embellishments.


Finally, an easy Christmas craft project to recycle all those Toliet Paper Rolls that everyone was hoarding this year! I am sure some people are still stocked up here in Australia and have supplies until the New Year 😂
Advent Calendar boxes Tutorial Details
  • Beginners
  • Under $5 Christmas Craft Project
  • 30 mins - 1 Hour
DIY Project Supplies
  • Empty Toliet Paper Rolls
  • Cotton Craft Rope (Macrame cord)
  • Black Marker
  • Stapler 


  • Cut approx 2cm off the end of your paper toilet rolls. Leave long if you are putting small chocolate bars inside.
  • Squeeze one end of the toilet roll to join the end together. Fold over slightly to create a neat line.
  • Staple in the centre to secure it and keep closed. You can use glue on the bottom if you do not want the staple to be seen.
  • Draw the Christmas countdown numbers on the flat section of the roll, with the opening at the top.
  • At the top of your Paper Toliet Roll, squeeze the edges together on the opposite facing way creating a triangle shape. Do not secure yet.
  • Fill your Toilet Paper Roll box with your daily treats, small gifts, handwritten notes or goodies.
  • Cut your Cotton Rope long enough to create a loop.
  • Place loop into the centre of the top opening and staple shut.
  • Cut another piece of cotton rope slightly shorter than the first rope loop and tie around the bottom of the loop.
  • Pull apart the loose rope ends and comb or brush the rope to create a cute natural tassel. Cut the ends for a neat finish.
  • Hang the Advent boxes on your Christmas Tree, on some cord to create a bunting or even on a tree branch for a rustic Christmas look.
TIP - Make in Bulk. Cut, staple and brush all pieces at once.
Open from the bottom to enjoy the daily mini gift
Have fun with this Holiday Gift DIY and enjoy the little moments with each other this Christmas.


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