Easy Bluey & Bingo No Cook Budget Cake HACK Tutorial

Who loves Bluey? My niece that's who & pretty much every other small child in Australia and no doubt the world. Bluey craze is real people, ask any parent with a 3-year-old! 😀

My niece turned 6 this week and wanted a Bluey cake so much, with little time and a small budget I created Bluey & Bingo cakes with this no-cook easy cake decorating design. This Bluey cake hack tutorial is a step-by-step guide for you to make your own cakes and impress the kids.

Bluey is an Australian ABC cartoon show based on a Blue Heeler dog named Bluey who turns everyday family life into an adventure. This children's tv show is more than entertainment for Preschoolers, it's a great educational show and once you watch one episode, you can not help but fall in love with Bluey and the rest of her family. The parents love it just as much as the kids.


  • 2 Hours
If you are not a professional cake decorator, which I definitely am not. This does take a little while to layer and get your dimensions correct but if you are a pro at cake making then it wouldn't take this long.
  • Basic cake decorating skills
You do not need any fancy cake tools for this cake, a sharp knife and a rolling pin will work just fine.
  • Small cake size
Maderia cakes are small tea-size cakes, so they are perfect for small parties. Especially while we can only have a restricted amount of guests at our homes or at venues. These are also a fun size for a classroom birthday cake and family parties. 

If you require a large version of this design for more guests, alter the ingredients and dimensions and make the cake base with premade slab cakes or cook a large rectangle cake.

  • Madeira premade cakes x 2 $2.50 each 
  • White Marzipan or Fondant x 2 250g packets $5 each
  • Food Colouring in orange, sky blue & royal blue & black
  • Premade Frosting 
  • Cake Board
  • Knife
  • Rolling Pin
  • Baking paper to roll on 
  • Bluey or Bingo Free Template cake decorating guide located at the bottom of this tutorial


  • Cut the top and all of the sides off your Maderia cakes to create a flat surface
  • Cut 1/4 off the top of one cake to make the dog's ears. To do this, cut the rectangle in half and then into triangles. The smaller cake will be Bingo and the original size Maderia cake will become Bluey.
  • Place the triangles on top of each rectangle to make the dogs ears
  • Crumb-coat your cake with a smooth layer of frosting and place it in the fridge for a short time to set. 
I did not repeat this step like you normally would, the cakes are small and let's face it, this is meant to be an easy hack cake, who has time for layers of frosting and waiting around to set and get super smooth, not me 😂
  • Divide up your marzipan/fondant and Mix in your base colour shades to match Blueys & Bingo's body colours. Use small amounts of food colouring and build up your colours to get the right shades
  • Roll out your colour on some baking paper so it will not stick to your countertop. Make sure the piece is big enough to cover the cake
  • Cut a straight edge on your colours to join in the middle of the cake
  • Cover your cakes with Marzipan to create your first layer as the picture below
  • Mix, Roll, Cut and add your next layer. This layer is Blueys & Bingo's Ears, stomach, head and eyebrows.
I used a knife to cut the shapes out freehand and rolled the eyebrows in my hand to create 3D oval shapes.

This layer you will mix new colours for the details. Mix a small amount, a lot is not needed for this small area.
  • Roll & Cut out some white eyes
This is where the cake starts looking creepy. Trust me, keep going. You can see here how unprofessional this cake detail is, the eyes are not even neatly cut, but by the end, no one can tell and the kids will LOVE it!
  • Mix your nose colour with a tiny bit of orange food colouring. Divide into 2 pieces and roll into a ball. Squash down and mould with your hands the shape of the dog's muzzle. Make it 3D so that from the sides you have some dimension
  • Place in the middle of the cake covering your fondant joins and overlapping the eyes
  • Create your black eye centres, nose and mouth for the final layer
  • Create balls for the eye centres and push them down to create oval shapes
  • Roll the black fondant back and forth between your hands to create worm shapes to use to form the mouth
  • Create the mouth the same way you created the muzzle, just at a smaller scale. 
TIP - If you can not find black food colouring or premade black fondant, use black coloured lollies like licorice 
  • Decorate the rest of your cake display if you wish or keep it as it is.
I used cookie cutters to create my niece's name and age. I hand-cut the speech bubble with a knife. The letters and numbers were out of leftover fondant I hadn't used and placed onto the cake board.
How great do sisters Bluey & Bingo look? Best of all you can make these cakes the day before the birthday celebration and the Madeira cakes stay fresh and tasty.

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