How to Make Character Logos with Plastic Food Wrap | COSTUME DIY

Are you making a Dress-up costume but can't find a cheap, easy and fast technique to make the Fictional Character's chest symbol emblem? Then this DIY is for you!

No more buying a $50 costume from the local shops last minute after you'd child has told you it is superhero day tomorrow 😆 We have all been there and it's not fun.

You can also use this easy method to transfer any picture to fabric, garments or accessories.



This DIY will work for Cartoon, Movie, Comic Book Characters, Sports Teams or any Fictional or even real Characters you can think of.  Use for Halloween, Bookweek and Themed Parties.

Sports Hero Day at school tomorrow? No problem, stick on a sports team emblem on an L/S basic Tee.

It's Superhero Day at school Next week? No problem, transfer the hero's symbol directly to a basic cheap T-shirt.

Last-minute Themed Birthday Party? All good, make a logo badge and combine it with some clothes you have, instant costume.

Is Bookweek at preschool coming up? Simple, make a DIY cape and DIY an emblem like PJ MASKS, place on the coloured clothing of your character and you are done.

This tutorial will teach you 2 ways how to make a character logo either by using this technique to make a badge or directly transferring to your blank clothing with items most people already have at home.

How to transfer a picture to clothing using plastic food wrap Instructions
DIY Details
  • Under $5
  • Basic Craft skills
  • Suitable for ages 13+ (iron to be used)
DIY Supplies
  • Plain white paper 
  • Printer or you could hand-draw the logo
  • Felt or 
  • Fabric garment
  • Logo design 
  • Badge finding or safety pin
  • Plastic food wrap
  • Non-stick Baking paper
  • Iron
I made up my own PowerPuff Girls logo "THE END" for the emblem but you do not have to design your own. My design is available FREE for you to use at the end of this post.

Examples of this technique work for 
  • Kid's Cartoon Characters like The Wiggles, PJ MASKS, Thomas the Tank and Bluey. 
  • Superhero Characters like Superman, Spiderman, Captain America and Wonder Woman etc
  • Bookweek Characters like Harry Potter, Thing 1 & Thing 2 etc
  • Iconic Characters like Archie, The PowerPuff Girls, Rick & Morty, Steven Universe etc
  • Anime Characters or Gaming Characters 
  • Local Heros like Police Officers, Fire Fighters & Military 
  • Sports Heros and Teams, WWE Wrestling Characters and even Racing Car Drivers Team emblem.
Step by Step Tutorial
  • Print out your fictional or real character's chest symbol. Use Google Images to find your emblem. 
Print so the design is approx 5cm wide for a chest-style large badge. But you can print any size you like, use our printer preference % section to get the size you desire. 

If you don't have a printer you could just hand draw the logo onto white paper or get the kids to draw and colour their own.
  • Cut out the template.
Cut as close to the edge as you can so the white paper is not showing
  • Cut your plastic food wrap 4 times the size of your logo. Fold in half so it's double layer making it as smooth as possible.
  • Place your logo on one side of the plastic and fold the other half over the top. press down the sides firmly so the plastic sticks together.
If you are applying straight to clothing, cut around the logo shape leaving a plastic hem edge to ensure the paper and plastic has a sealed edge. 
  • Method 1 
Place the plastic logo directly onto a t-shirt/garment where you would like the symbol to go.

You can buy $4 plain coloured t-shirts from your local chain stores in most of the basic colours you would need for a Cartoon, Movie or Comic book characters. 

Do not use stretch fabric as the transfer may not stick well once stretched.
  • Method 2
If you would like the emblem to be detachable so you can reuse your clothing, place it on a piece of felt or thick fabric. This will be the base for your badge pin 

I have used black craft felt for my badge backing but you can use any colour you like that matches your character's emblem.
  • Place non-stick baking paper over the top and iron on high heat until the plastic melts and the layers stick together. 
You will see that it will leave a shiny finish. Do not iron for too long or you will get the plastic to start melting too much and will leave little holes. The lighter and brighter colours are the most effective with this food plastic method I have found.
  • Cut around your felt leaving a small edge
  • Glue a badge finding to the back with strong craft glue or a hot glue gun. If it is a last-minute costume, you could glue a safety pin to the back by using a small felt square and place it over the pin on the non-opening side
I would not use this method if you were washing your garment regularly. If you do wash, hand wash in cold water and do not tumble dry.

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I hope you love this Dress-up Costume DIY as much as I do, it is such an easy and fast way to customise Fictional Cartoon, Movie or Comic Book character's cosplay outfits for Birthday Parties, conventions, Halloween and School Dress-up days or Bookweek.
What Fictional Character do you need to make a logo for?

Share your versions with me,
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