How to make Paper Folding Accordion BAT & GHOST decorations | HALLOWEEN DIY

I have wanted to try different shapes for a while with the Paper Folding Accordion method but haven't had any inspiration. You may have seen gorgeous plant leaves used this way which is a huge trend currently. 

Halloween craft time has come around again, which is just the inspiration I needed to create some Fun Halloween shapes and offer you all a Free Bat & Ghost Folding Accordion Paper Pattern for you to make at home or at school. This would be a great class project for primary school students.

Folding Paper is a craft for all age groups to try and get creative with. This Halloween craft is a great project for school-age children to help with the home or school decorations and keep busy for a few hours on the weekend.



This tutorial will show you how to create folded paper Halloween decorations to display in vases, to hang from the roof or as a 3D wall bunting. Get creative and use however you can dream up. 

I have used coloured craft paper and cardstock I already had but I think these would look stunning in the current earthy tones that are on-trend. 

You could use the brown paper to match any Fall/Autumn themes. It is Springtime here in Australia, so there are no Autumn decorations 😁 But Australians are being inspired by the homeware trend of Cane, Rattan and soft white pallets which would easily suit the brown paper style.

How to make BAT & GHOST Paper Halloween Decorations Instructions
DIY Details
  • Dollar Store Crafts
  • Basic Craft skills
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Approx $5
DIY Supplies

  • Paper $2 
  • Scissors
  • Lead pencil
  • String if hanging or
  • Kebab wooden food sticks if standing
I used a craft paper pad which has a range of colours in it. I also used some cardstock as test decorations which worked well but found it harder to fold and get a neat sharp fold line. It was a lot more fiddly. I would recommend using paper for children for better cleaner results.
Step by Step Tutorial
Print out your free pattern at 100% scale for the size I have made. If you want a mini or huge version to make, adjust your printer setting.

  • Cut out the template.
  • Fold your coloured craft paper in half and place the straight edge of the template on the fold.
  • Trace around your template with a lead pencil.
Cut around the marked pencil line.
With your paper already folded in the middle, the first step will be figuring out how wide your fold will be. Fold over one side once you have decided on the width you would like.

I used a ruler to get the perfect size for me. My fold was approx 1cm.
Once folded, place your ruler on top at the same distance your last fold was and fold in the opposite direction. Pull the ruler out and rub the fold flatter to make it a neat edge.
Repeat on the other side of your shape. Make sure you keep the same fold size and angle.
TIP - Adjust the fold width size to the size of your project. If you are making a bigger shape, you would make your fold wider

If you want your Halloween Bat or Ghost shapes on a stick for standing up, place your wooden stick in the middle fold and glue it in.

Place a clamp or peg (if you are cheap like me 😀) on the opposite side holding the stick in place until the glue dries.
If you would like to hang your Halloween paper accordion shapes then you can place a hole and string in them now to complete. If you are making a Halloween Bunding then make in bulk before you attach the string is how I would do it.

You do not need to use a ruler if you can fold neatly and evenly freehand. It is up to you how you would like to make these.

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I hope you love this Halloween Decoration DIY as much as I do, have fun using different coloured papers and prints and see what you can come up with to match your own style


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