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Ceramic Homeware is a trend I am loving at the moment. It always looks lux and beautiful but can get costly to buy and decorate your home with. I had seen online a small Halloween vase that was very expensive, stunning but crazy pricey and you know me I will not pay for anything that is too expensive that you will hardly use. 😁 I could justify if it was handmade but it was mass-produced so definitely a no from me.

After cleaning my garage and finding all my old Halloween decorations, it hit me. Fake ceramic DIY Halloween homeware goodies. I can do this easily, cheaply and get the lux look that I want! 

Before you go and buy all new Halloween decorations, grab your old sad-looking items and get creative with this beautiful Faux Ceramic homewares hack.



This tutorial will show you how to create a fake ceramic look on plastic but this technique can be used on glassware and some wood. You can customise your fake ceramic homeware pieces to match your decor and colour schemes. 

I have used some pink & purple paint I already had but I think these pumpkin heads would look stunning in the current earthy tones that are on trend. 

How to make Faux Ceramic Clay Halloween Decorations Instructions
DIY Details
  • Dollar Store Crafts or Recycle Crafts
  • Basic Craft skills
  • Approx $5
DIY Supplies

  • Acrylic Paint $2 
  • Paintbrush $1
  • Baking Powder $1
  • Container to mix in, Free
  • Halloween decoration to paint $1 (pumpkin head)
I used two Pumpkinhead candy lolly trick or treat buckets and also found a plastic zombie moulded door sign which I thought would look modern hanging on the front door. 

The paint and paintbrush were from a dollar store. The Baking Powder was purchased from the cake-baking section in the supermarket. The mixing container I used was a plastic biscuit packet out of my recycling bin.
This DIY craft is safe for all ages and a great way to show the children that you do not need to always buy new things and that recycling old items can be rewarding and great to reduce landfill.


Step by Step Tutorial

Locate the items you would like to make ceramic looking. Use your imagination. I found that moulded plastics worked great when finished as the design comes through and you can really see the moulded detail which makes it feel high-end, handmade and expensive.

If you are creating Fake Pumpkin trick or treat buckets for your homeware decorations like vases or treat dessert bowls, then pull the handles out before you start painting.

TIP - Look for unique pieces to become ceramic looking. These could be vases, buckets, old pots or decorative retro wall hangings that are dated in their current style.
Set up your painting area. 
Have some newspaper or plastic down to paint and dry on, and have your Paints, Baking Powder, Paintbrush and mixing container close by.

Lightly clean your Halloween items if you are recycling them so there is no dust or dirt which will prevent the paint from sticking

With 100% paint, (no mixing yet) paint a light coat onto your plastic to create a base for your faux ceramic mix to stick to. Paint all over the item and on the edges using long strokes.

Leave to dry completely.
Mix your second layer of paint with 70% Paint to 30% Baking Powder. The paint will slightly puff up which means it is ready to go.

Paint your second layer and allow it to dry completely. You will notice there is a slight texture to this coat and it looks like there are bits of sand in it. This is what you want to see. You may still see some of the base colour coming through, this is fine. 

If the paint still puffs up after you have applied it, then just lightly brush over that section again in the same stroke direction you have been using.
Mix your third layer of paint with 50% Paint to 50% Baking Powder. The paint will puff up a lot as it is reacting to the baking powder. It actually looks pretty cool bubbling and expanding.
Paint your third thicker coat. You will really see the texture now and see the paint mixture has covered the colours underneath. Make sure you paint in strokes that flow with your piece. For the Halloween Pumpkinhead bucket, I painted long strokes from the top to the bottom following the moulded pumpkin lines. 

Let the coat dry completely. The finished result will be dull, textured and almost chalky looking, very close to real dried clay. It will not dry shiny like it goes on, it will be a matt finish.
TIP - If the ceramic paint mixture is going on too thick and bitsy, add more paint so it glides on easily.
Once dry you are all done, if you can still see a slight colour through the fake ceramic texture then you can just do another thin layer of Step 3

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TIP - If you use white or a very light grey shade of paint, you could create faux concrete for different craft projects. Just use a 70% Paint to 30% Baking Powder mix or experiment with the texture you are wanting.
I hope you love this Halloween Decoration DIY as much as I do, the possibilities are endless at what you can make ceramic look so have fun with it


I would love to see your fake ceramic creations,
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