25 Must Have Halloween Themed Fabric you need this year | SEWING

Has anyone else found the fabric shops empty? Not just low on stock but ridiculously bare. COVID has been hard on us fabric hoarders 'cough cough' 😂 

I love that so many people are learning to sew and using this year to be creative, but I do miss walking the fabric aisle for hours touching the fabric and imagining what project I can use it on. 

Until the shops are fully stocked up again I have found 25 of the coolest Halloween fabric prints for you to make some wonderful Spooky DIY sewing projects. Some are so unique you will not be able to decide what to sew with them.

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Your shopping guide to buying Halloween-themed fabric in 2020

Get your Halloween sewing on!

Tattoo-Inspired Halloween Fabric

Tattoo flash halloween fabric
New School Tattoo Flash Bats, Skulls & Pumpkins by Alexander Henry

Tattoo prints look great sewn in small and large projects. A retro-inspired dress would be perfect in both of these prints. 

Spooky & Cute Halloween Fabric

Skulls & Cats by Alexander Henry

Who else can see a cushion cover made out of this adorable Halloween print? or Tablecloth? or an Apron? ohhh the decisions..

Goth Halloween Fabric

Alternative Goth People by Alexander Henry

I am pretty sure this fabric is for cool chicks who can wear anything and look great. A tote bag made from this fabric to carry around the shops all of October is a must.

Traditional Halloween Fabric

Cartoon Witches by Alexander Henry

I can see it now, sitting on the sofa under a handmade Witch-themed quilt watching Hocus Pocus with a drink in hand and smile on my face.
Ghost by Cosmo, Japan
Skeleton Animals by Timeless Treasure

Cats, Flowers, Fishbowls & Skeletons mixed with the Day of the Dead, say what? Where is my credit card...

Black & White Halloween Fabric

Glow in the Dark by Timeless Treasures

I love a nice clean black and white pattern, add a glow in the dark print and it's basically perfect. 

Word Halloween Fabric

Halloween Words by Alexander Henry

Word fabric prints can say so much by saying so little. These 2 patterns have a powerful punch, I would love to make word hair scrunchies out of these designs.

Monster Halloween Fabric
Grr Cartoon Monsters by Micheal Miller
Let's Party by Cosmo, Japan

Sew yourself a 50's Skirt or Apron, add some heels and cook some Halloween dessert table treats looking all fine and cute.  

Animal Halloween Fabric
Spooky Animals by Micheal Miller

This is the fabric that you need for gift-giving your animal-loving friends. I can see lots of fabric face masks getting made out of this design this Halloween.

Dress-up Black Cats by Alexander Henry

I have no words to describe how much I love this fabric pattern. Now think of the ultimate sewing project to use it for.

Pin-Up Halloween Fabric
Zombie Women by Alexander Henry

This Classic Halloween print never gets old. I also can not believe it is not sold out already. So many Pin-up girls I know adorn this on their body some way or another, my favourite will always be a classic full-circle skirt with a cardigan.
Women in Costumes by Alexander Henry

We need more women looking at stunning prints of fabric. Women truly are walking art, aren't they? I wish I looked that great on a broomstick 😊

Whimsical Halloween Fabric

Witches in the Tress by Alexander Henry

Halloween fabric has never looked so pretty. I can hear the soft chanting of spells by the witches in the trees, can you?

What Halloween sewing project are you making? 
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