How to make No Bake Witches Fingers for Halloween | EASY DIY

If you are like me, you love a good Hack. This Halloween food Hack is going to make your life easy and your Halloween food table impressive

Everyone loves a random finger to chew on at Halloween, add some chocolate and say it's a witch's finger, instant happiness. I will show you how to make quick and easy DIY No-Bake Witches Fingers or Human nailless Halloween treats to spook and impress your friends.

How to make quick and easy DIY No-Bake Witches Halloween treats

You only need a few ingredients and can all be brought from your local supermarket


Roll out your fondant and cut nails to fit on the chocolate fingers, the more pointed the better

Let the fondant harden, once firm you are ready to apply it to chocolate fingers

With a knife, cut knuckle lines into your Chocolate finger and slice off the tip for a nail ripped off the effect

Apply a tab of frosting to the back of the witch's nail and place on tip of the chocolate finger where you have sliced it. Let frosting set and secure fondant nails

And you are done! It's that easy. I added some cheap spider rings to the nailless fingers for decorations, you could add any extra Halloween party favours you have for the extra wow factor, like plastic bats or spiders

Kids love them, your neighbour's children will love them while they are trick and treating, hell your Grandma will love them!!!

Fun and simple Halloween recipe tutorial you can make on the day and make any dessert table spooktacular

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Happy Halloween


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