Glitter Candy Coffin DIY treat box

Sparkle up your Halloween treat table with GLITTER GLITTER and more GLITTER!!!

I came across a blank craft coffin and knew instantly I needed it. Straight to the checkout for me. Brain started ticking on what I could do, craft storage box, jewellery box but as soon as I started planning my Halloween treat table I knew it had to have lolly candies in it.

So I grab some lollies, paint and glitter and off I go.

- Glitter in colour of your choice
- Craft wood Coffin, I used a large one 
- Black Paint and paint brush
- Plastic skeleton to fit coffin
- Worm candy

- Paint 1 coat on the whole coffin
- Let Dry
- Paint the next coat section at time, with paint going on thick (paint will absorb into wood and any streaks will disappear) and sprinkle glitter into wet paint.
- Let Dry

Once dry, add your skeleton and worm candy. Fun, easy and cheap DIY project for the whole family, well maybe not the Grandads or even the Dads who despise glitter in the house HAHA

I broke my plastic skeleton in half to make the legs stick out of coffin

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Happy Halloween

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