Cute No Cook Halloween Witches Hat tutorial

This year I have decided to do a no cook Halloween, no baking, no mixing, no mess! These little cute Witches are the first of a few ideas I will be sharing with you all over the next week.
These are quick to decorate and the kids can even help.

The supplies can all be found in your local supermarket and cost is low

- Premade cake decorating Mini Wafer flowers
- Premade frosting to stick flowers
- Writing icing
- Small amount of fondant
- Premade Marshmallow Cones,
I used WIZZ FIZZ Brand but I can not find them with an international link, these are the closest I find to the premade ones I used

Step 1
- Roll out a small amount of icing, whatever colour you choose, I use standard white (not wedding white) to match the cone colour
- Cut out circles to slide onto upside down cone. I used a water bottle cap for the centre as was correct size for my cones
- Let dry and go hard

Step 2
- Once fondant is dry, slide onto the cone

Step 3
- apply frosting to flower and stick to brim of hat

Step 4
- with your black writing icing, add some dots on base for Witches eyes

And thats it!!! If this isn't an easy Halloween No Bake cooking DIY then I don't know what is ;) I found some little Black Cat candy lollies to add and complete the adorable witchy look

Watch Video below on how to make these in action or view on Instagram

Happy Halloween

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