Adorable HALLOWEEN Dessert Table Inspiration

This year I decided on my Halloween treat table less scary and more scary cute.

There are so many cheap plastic decorations around in the shops this year, I wish I had brought the packet of huge cockroaches I saw. Sadly all sold out when I went back to buy, damn it!

I found these black small foil balloons to complete the look and couldn't be happier with the display.

Halloween brew Tutorial here

How to make white chocolate Witch fingers here

How to create the clear confetti pumpkin balloon here

How to make your own glitter coffin candy lolly treat box here

& Easy step-by-step guide on how to create the cute Witches hat heads here

And below is a quick video on making some Pentagram doughnuts, just don't forget if you live in Australia that icing and 32-degree days mean things melt fast and if you don't work quickly and put it straight in the fridge your creation starts dripping before your eyes 😂

You can also watch the video here on Instagram


Will you be making Halloween less scary this year? 
Let me know below in the comments 

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