DIY Confetti Balloon Pumpkin | HALLOWEEN DIY

To keep my sparkle glitter Halloween treat table theme going, I had an idea to make confetti Pumpkin
  • Confetti Balloon
  • Sequin ribbon
  • Normal ribbon
  • Scissors 
  • Sticky tape (optional)

STEP 1 All you do is blow up your confetti Balloon but not too full, keep the balloon bouncy on touch to add the sequin string/ribbon too.

STEP 2 With static electricity (rubbing your hair, carpet or a wig) rub your blown-up balloon until you start seeing the confetti stick to the inner edge of the balloon

STEP 3 Tie the sequin ribbon around your balloon tie and firmly pull the sequin around the balloon, once around keep pulling and moving in a slow-paced to create a Pumpkin pattern.

Once done, tie a knot around the balloon tie and add some ribbon to the tie. You do not need any glue etc to hold the sequin ribbon on as you are pulling this firmly so it will not move. By not glueing you can reuse the sequin for your next project once the balloon goes flat.

If your Balloon is not standing up by itself, just place some double-sided tape on the bottom of the balloon and this will keep it standing up straight. You could also hang these from the roof or do mini ones for a garland.

Cute right? And such an easy, simple Halloween tutorial for you to try and add some on-trend clear confetti balloons to your table decorations

Watch Video below or on Now That's Peachy's Instagram

Happy Halloween! 💀

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