Pizza Birthday cake inspiration to make on the go

Today was my daughter's 14th birthday and she wanted a cake of her favourite things mixed together, cake and pizza! 
I have been super busy with work lately and have no time to even craft or blog, let alone make fancy cakes so I was glad she wanted something simple, I decorated this in about 15 mins, you can probably tell 😂 Turned out better than I thought it would and the birthday girl was super happy so that's what counts

 I made all the toppings with Fondarific fondant and by hand, no tools, ain't nobody got time for that! I used deep red frosting under the fondant for the sauce, yellow fondant for the cheese, peach colour rolled fondant for the pizza edge and a pinky/red fondant for the pepperoni.

I also quickly made her a pizza birthday card with some candles etc to match the cake, mostly because I am a terrible parent and forgot to buy her a card oops 😂 Luckily I like making cards anyway so no big deal.

These little purple cupcakes I made for her to take to the dance lessons she had all afternoon/night to share with her friends.

The kids thought the NERD candy on top of the icing was genius... I think that cheating and adding whatever I have on hand like NERDS will now be done more often as it seems to impress the kids 😋

Thanks for visiting 💗

What is your favourite Pizza Topping? 
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  1. That looks FAB!!
    Hope you're daughter had a Happy Birthday!

  2. 15 minutes?! It looks awesome. What a lucky girl!

  3. nerd on cupcakes sounds amazingggg. xoxo

  4. What a cool cake idea! I might have to steal this idea for Corey's birthday.

  5. Coolest cake of all time. It looks so fun and delicious.

  6. hahaha you are too kind!
    it is a fun cake, I think i will definitely make again xx

  7. lol steal away!!! My sister wants me to make one for my 15 year old nephew, I said "sure" knowing it was fast and easy haha

  8. 15 because I took short cuts LOL thanks!

  9. ZOMgoodness - Brooke - you should own and operate a bakery. I love your designs! They are so original! :) Bake on my friend! \m/

  10. hahahaha \m/
    you are way too nice!!!