Easy, cheap & fun Hens Night party game | ADULTS ONLY DIY

Are you looking for a fun and cheap Hens night game you can make at home and is guaranteed to be a huge hit, then read on as I have the game for you!
So last week it was one of my friend's Hens / Bachelorette nights and games were getting planned. In the middle of the night this silly game "Celebrity Dickhead" popped into my head, we all know the best ideas come while in bed! 😂😂

This D.I.Y idea and concept are simple, get a fellow player to put a penis on your forehead with a celebrity name and then guess who you are.... hours of laughs right there!! haha Pretty much like the Headbanz game but for adults.

So the next task was to draw some crazy, weird, funny, huge and even tiny drawings of the male organ... easier than I thought! Who knew I had this talent and have never used it 😄 I asked my husband to draw up some basic cartoon ones as a guide and off I went, creating cock magic 😅😆

I decided I needed some Photoshop silliness to go with this post, so created a fake board game box and a stupid photo of me above LOL The world needs more laughs and actual real dickheads like me. I made sure I covered my sister's face on the box as she would kill me if her head went viral with a dick on it 😅

  • Pink & brown cardboard, I used 2 sheets of pink and 1 of brown.. $1.20 each
  • pencil & rubber
  • a thick black texter marker
  • scissors
  • a headband to attach them to or some more cardboard that fits your head with a front slit on it to slide the penis on
  • some kid-free time
  • your imagination
  • list of celebrities, try to use popular ones that most women would know
Here are a few male celebrities to get you started
Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law, Jensen Ackles, Robert Pattinson, Ashton Kutcher, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, James Franco, Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Prince Harry, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Elvis, James Dean, Robert Downey Jr Will Smith, The Rock, Prince William, Ryan Reynolds, Shemar Moore, Joe Manganiello, Eminem, Carey Hart  .... whoever you want!


1| On the cardboard draw a quick sketch with a lead pencil and when you are happy with the drawing,  trace over the pencil with the texter. I added little hats, crowns etc but you don't have to, really just do what you want or copy mine above.

2| Cut around the drawings

3| Cut out little pieces of cardboard in a rectangular shape and write your celeb names on them. You could write names straight onto the penis drawing but I thought it was more fun to swap the names around and have more versatility 

4| Make your headband wraps with a slot on the front to slide in the name and dick.

5| Pack it all away and take it to your next ladies' party, whether it be for a Hen or Bachelorette night, maybe an adult girl's night in.. whatever you like really, it will be a hit lol

Total cost - under $5.00

The night before the hen's night while finishing up the game pieces, I decided while I was on a roll to try to make a penis banner garland with the bride's name....... BEST IDEA EVER!! or maybe overkill haha but that's what midnight and not much sleep do to you

Well as you can see it actually worked, I think you can tell it says Tanya and was a hit hung up in the hotel room. I think I need to make a penis font now..... watch this space

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you some ideas for your next adult party... I also hope you do not think I am obsessed with the male organ, I'm not I swear...... until I post the penis biscuits I made for the night, then I guess you can say I am 😉


Whose penis would you like on your head? 
Let me know below in the comments 



  1. Bahahaha that is the best hens party game idea I've ever seen. I might have to borrow this for my sisters hens in October.

  2. haha yes you must do it!!! its heaps of fun and your sister will love it ox