How to make a One Direction car Brooch | EASY DIY

Day 2 of One Direction DIY's
This week's projects are my way of saying thank you as I get a lot of traffic from my previous Dream Pillow tutorial, Today was the huge new release of the new 1D video KISS YOU so this craft project is inspired by the new clip.

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WHAT YOU NEED to make your own Vintage KISS YOU Car brooch... 
 Just like the guys are driving in the video clip!!!!
  • felt.... red, black, white
  • thread... black, white
  • craft glue... strong holding
  • badge back finding
  • scissors
  • template... you can download the printable HERE

Step 1 - Print & cut out the template

Step 2 - Using the template cut out the felt

Step 3 - Once felt is cut and you are happy with how it looks layered then you can do some stitching on your felt. I ran out of time so I just did the number plate, grill & steering wheel but this step you can really do whatever you like or none at all :) I wanted to stitch the lights and do the words in the window screen, next time hey!

Step 4 - Glue all the layers together starting from the bottom and work your way to the top.

    Step 4 - Glue a felt panel on the back with your brooch/badge finding hooked through 2 slits. Please do it neater than mine, I was in a hurry and it's pretty messy lol

    Step 5 - pin to your jumper or bag and enjoy!

All done, its cute isn't it?

Please do not steal my photos and claim them as your own or remove my watermark

It takes me a long time to imagine, create & post these projects, I do not get anything from this, I just do it for fun so please respect me & do the right thing 

I don't like having to say any of this, nor do I like having such a huge watermark on my photos but due to my daughter's One Direction bedroom being posted all over the internet and people claiming as their own I really have no choice. She was very upset with me for that, I don't want a grumpy 13-year-old again haha  I am happy for people to post any of my photos as long as you link back or at least keep the watermark on.

I did not have much time to create magic today, as my family are away on holiday and they were on bush fire high alert today and may have needed to evacuate at any minute so I was on the phone with my husband most of the day and night, very stressful and draining. Everything is fine with them now and I can go to bed knowing my Husband & kids are all safe & now I might actually be able to get some sleep :)


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