How to make a One Direction sleep mask | EASY DIY

Day 3 of One Direction DIY's 

Here is the 3rd instalment of some fun & easyish craft projects for everyone who has requested more 1D blog posts. This is my way of saying thank you as I get a lot of traffic from my previous Dream Pillow tutorial

This post is a little image heavy
WHAT YOU NEED to make a Sleep mask
  • blank eye mask, $2 from discount dollar store
  • sequins, $2 from discount store
  • craft glue, strong holding

Step 1 
Get your supplies together. This can be messy with the glue so work on a surface that you do not mind getting messy

Step 2 
On a piece of paper enough the same size as your mask, draw up your words to get the spacing right of the letters and to make sure it will fit okay

Step 3 
with a lead pencil draw out your words lightly on the mask. I choose the word "WAKE UP" which my daughter chose to match the One Direction "Time to wake up" song

Step 4 
put a line of glue over the letters

Step 5 
slowly place the sequins over your glue being careful to stay on the lines

Step 6
let dry for 24 hours

All done, that was easy, wasn't it?

Please do not steal my photos and claim as your own or remove my watermark.

It takes me a long time to imagine, create & post these projects, I do not get anything from this, I just do it for fun so please respect me & do the right thing :D I don't like having to say any of this, nor do I like having such a huge watermark on my photos but due to my daughters One Direction bedroom being posted all over the internet and people claiming as their own I really have no choice :( She was very mad with me for that, I don't want a grumpy 13 year old again haha  I am happy for people to post any of my photos as long as you link back or at-least keep the watermark on..

Enjoy making this adorable & easy Sleep mask, if you have not heard this One Direction song you can here it below 



  1. That's awesome! I have seen so many cool sleep masks lately. I think I might have to make one.

  2. tHAT IS ONE CUTE SLEEP MASK! I would love to make one for myself