Kawaii donut birthday cake

I feel like I have been slack around here lately, I'm just running out of time in the day get a chance to post, create something fresh & catch up with everyone :( This time of the year is always flat out for me as I make a lot of dance costumes for end of year concerts which means its hectic and crazy :)

Today I thought I should at least upload something, so here is a quick donut kawaii cake I made a few years ago for my daughters birthday party. There really wasn't much to the actual cake if you can find the right cake tin to use, I used a vintage desert tin that was my nan's, I am not even sure what its called but there is lots of donut shaped pans you can buy these days. 

I covered the top part of the cake in icing and smoothed it out then placed the pastel blue fondant on. After it was on I cut the dripping shape out and the center. The face was strands of licorice and cheeks were pink fondant.

The cupcakes were just mini shapes with different kawaii faces on them, cute, easy and affective, the kids helped with these so its a fun DIY project to do with your children :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I better get back to sewing & cooking dinner :D


  1. This is so cute! And very different :) Happy making in your busy week x

  2. This is really well done and cute! I've never seen a donut that big before!


  3. what an amazing cake! In some days it's my birthday, I wish I could receive such a great birthday cake! Btw, you have such an amazing blog! I had a look at it, and I couldn't help telling u! I'll be back here again soon, looking for updates ;) Kisses!

  4. dream cake!!!!!!!
    Can u please vote for me in the Grazia contest? You just need to go to this link and then click on the red heart! thanks so much

  5. These are amazing, I'm not much if a baker, get too frustrated when they dont turn out well, so always impressed by anyone who can make cakes look this good. x

  6. Brooke, how adorable! You did such a good job on these and they are so unique!!! Love!

Holly Foxen Wells