Kawaii Donut birthday cake Tutorial | BAKING DIY

Kawaii Pool Parties are probably only thought up by one of my kids, who always wants a birthday party theme that is not a thing. Nor has anyone ever made anything in this theme. Which means handmade invitations and getting creative with cakes.

This donut kawaii cake I made a few years ago for my daughters birthday pool party. I think it turned out super cute and was such an easy cake-decorating project to try.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Kawaii Donut Cake

DIY Cooking Supplies
  • Cake Mix
  • Mixer
  • Fondant
  • Food colouring
  • licorice strips
  • Sharp knife and cookie cutter shapes
  • Doughnut shape cake tin
I used a vintage desert tin that was my nan's, I am not even sure what it is called but there are lots of doughnut-shaped pans you can buy these days. 

  • Mix and cook your cake in your doughnut shape cake tin. Mix and cook according to your packets instructions
  • Let the cake cool
  • Cover the cake in smooth icing
  • Mix your desired colour into your fondant and roll out flat
  • Measure the width of your doughnut and lightly mark the circle size onto your fondant
  • Slowly cut a curvy edge around the marked circle on your fondant to create a dripping cartoon edge effect
  • Cut a hole in the centre
  • Slowly lift and place over the icing
  • Mix some pink fondant for the cheeks. Roll, cut and place on the cake
  • With some licorice strips, cut and mould the shapes for the eyes and mouth. Place on fondant
The cupcakes were just mini shapes with different kawaii faces on them, cute, easy and effective, the kids helped with these so it's a fun DIY project to do with your children


Do you know someone who would love this cake? 
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  1. This is so cute! And very different :) Happy making in your busy week x

  2. This is really well done and cute! I've never seen a donut that big before!


  3. what an amazing cake! In some days it's my birthday, I wish I could receive such a great birthday cake! Btw, you have such an amazing blog! I had a look at it, and I couldn't help telling u! I'll be back here again soon, looking for updates ;) Kisses!

  4. dream cake!!!!!!!
    Can u please vote for me in the Grazia contest? You just need to go to this link and then click on the red heart! thanks so much

  5. These are amazing, I'm not much if a baker, get too frustrated when they dont turn out well, so always impressed by anyone who can make cakes look this good. x

  6. Brooke, how adorable! You did such a good job on these and they are so unique!!! Love!

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