The story of the Bambi Costume | SEWING DIY

There once was a teenage girl who asked her mother to make her a costume for a party, she gave her Mother plenty of notice and even instructed her on the design... all the Mother had to do was buy the fabric, make a pattern and sew it up....... 

The Mother, unfortunately, was thinking she has all the time in the world to make the costume, 2 days before the party reality hit and the Mother had to work very fast around other commitments and looking after a new naughty puppy.

Everything was going smoothly until the puppy decides to dart into the room and wee right in the middle of the deer dress while Mummy was pinning it on the floor..... there were gasps and screams and plenty of yelling at Mum because apparently, everything is mums fault, even the dog weeing 😁

The Mother finished the dress and made the Deer ears but due to the pink insert, they looked a lot like a vagina....... LOL the Teenager was not impressed so Mother had to start again and do the centre of the ears white.

Eventually, the Bambi dress was completed and fit perfectly and the teenager was a happy little deer and lived happily ever after.....  well maybe just for the weekend 😉



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These are the products that I used, but you can adapt them to suit what fabrics are available in your local fabric shop. 
Sewing Tutorial Details
  • 2-3 Hour Project
  • Medium Level Sewing Skills
DIY Supplies
  • Brown or Tan suede fabric
  • White polar fleece fabric or felt
  • Fabric Glue
  • Hair Combs or a Headband
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors, Pins, thread & needle
  • Zipper
  • Cut out your pattern 
First of all, you need a top and bottom piece of clothing to get your size. This is a quick Sewing Pattern Hack and is good for beginners to get a custom size. 

Make your Dress Panel 
Use this Carebears Dress Tutorial to make your skater dress bass. The only difference between that design and this Bambi one is that I used a full-circle skirt, not an a-line design.

Sew your details onto the front and back panels before you sew the side seams together.

There is no stretch with this suede fabric so make sure you are using a top and bottom template piece that fits well that also has no stretch to use for your pattern.

Front Pattern Piece - With a newspaper or large sheet of paper, draw an oval U shape that will fit the front of the dress. Once you have the right size you can cut, pin to the front panel and sew.

Back Pattern Piece - With a newspaper or large sheet of paper, draw different size oval shapes that will fit randomly like Deer spots on the back of the dress. Once you have the right size you can cut, pin to the back panel and sew.

Ear Pattern Piece - Cut 2 ear panels out of the brown fabric and 2 inner earpieces out of white. Sew the white fabric on the front panel and then sew the back and front together.
Bend wire or a coathanger inside the ears to hold up, and attach the wire to the base of the headband by turning around it and glueing

Tail Pattern Piece - Cut a white and brown tail the size which best suits the costume. Sew together, turn inside out, fill if you require and sew to the back of the dress

We added a Petticoat we had for extra volume but this isn't a must, it still is super cute without the underskirt

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  1. Okay, so that dress is amazing and I kind of want one for myself!

    1. lol me to Nat, I wished this fitted me otherwise I may have stole it haha xx

  2. That is so cute! and the story sounds so like me! haha saying yeah I will make that then leaving it till the last minute haha

    1. haha glad I am not the only one who does that, maybe we work our best under pressure lol xx

  3. very nice!! I want it too! :) great job. haha glad everything worked out despite the puppy peeing all over it! :P


  4. Oh my god I love it! I want it. You're amazing <3 I have a question, what abric did you use? XX Lucy

    1. wow thank you so much :)

      I used a one way stretch poly that had a soft fake suede effect on one side for the fawn colour part of the dress and just a polar-fleece for the white. I think a 2 way stretch would have been better to stop the fabric puckering on some edges but for $5.99 a metre on sale in the right colour how could I not buy it lol

  5. Omg I really love this costume! You are a trully artist!

    1. aww I am having a crappy week and I get on here finally to check it and read this, you always make me smile xx

  6. What an awesome costume! It looks fantastic. Nice work.

  7. This is absolutely adorable! Great job all the way around! What a clever idea and design! I love the details! Spots on the back, tail, ears, nose and her beautiful braid! Way to persevere mom in the time constraints and a jealous puppy ;) bravo! :D

    This is fantastic. Your costumes are the best!

  9. super cute didnt like the spots and the ears are to big

  10. Can you buy something like that, I'm searching for a bambi costume!!

  11. I am not sure Emma, maybe search the costume store websites :)