How to use ribbon to decorate your clothing | EASY DIY

Are you bored and looking for an easy fashion DIY to try? 

Here is a quick fashion DIY project you can do on any t-shirt, singlet top or back of a jacket. 
My daughter does a lot of dancing and performs at lots of different places. In a few weeks, she will be dancing at a theme park in Queensland Australia and she needs an outfit that has the colour theme of black, purple, lime & silver. So we came up with a great outfit but could not find anything silver to mix into the dance outfit, so the idea to do a silver metallic cross on the front of the galaxy top was created... 

Galaxy and crosses are currently in fashion so dance costumes complete and on-trend 😊

How to use ribbon  to decorate your clothing

  • Find a tank or tee you want to give some style to, maybe you have not worn it in a while and want to make it fresh and wearable again.
  • Buy some ribbon 
I bought some silver metallic 1.5-inch ribbons from my local fabric store.
  • Lay your t-shirt down flat and figure out what design you would like to do, mark with a pencil on the ribbon and cut. 
You can do any shape or design you like but the trick is to keep it simple.
  • Once the ribbon is cut, seal the ends with clear nail polish. 
You could also use fabric glue, I just couldn't find mine today when doing this. Do the glue/polish on the back of the ribbon. Do a test on an off-cut piece, you don't want it showing.
  • Once it is dry pin ribbon design to the shirt.
  • Now all you do is sew. I used a machine on a straight stitch but you could also do an invisible hand stitch if you do not have a machine.
And that's it, easy as that!

TIP - Some ribbon can not be ironed so do a test first. You don't want to iron later and ruin your design by it crinkling up or burning

Ribbons can create great geometric shapes and patterns, so get creative with this easy fashion DIY method and see what design you can come up with