One Direction Teen 3D Birthday Cake | BAKING INSPO

One Direction birthday cake - bits sitting on couch, fondant figures

I have been busy for the last few days making what else, but a One Direction cake.

It was my daughter's 13th birthday yesterday and I promised her I would try to make her a cake, so I have been busy with Mum's duties for a few days. She wanted the 1D boys all sitting on a couch like they do in their concerts... um okay..... I can try I guess...... but don't expect miracles...  😀
Fondant cake figures, Harry Styles & Liam
I have never made figures before and have no idea about trying to figure out the proportion sizes in the body but I think it turned out okay for my first time. I watched hours of YouTube videos on cake decorating and lots of clay/fimo instructions on how to mould a head 😃 I noticed there really isn't much on fondant cake figures on YouTube, I am not sure if I was typing in the wrong thing or it's a hidden cake secret and the experts want you to buy their tutorials 😂😂 who knows but I winged it in the end.

I made a few mistakes, Zayn's body was not working for me, Niall's neck was too long, and I ran out of red to complete Liam's jacket but Harry's & Louis cute faces made me pleased and all their hair worked better than I could have hoped for.
Fondant cake figures, Harry Styles, Louis & Zayn
My daughter was pretty pleased which was great, she had a 1'Der-ful day!! 😉

I was exhausted and over it by the time it was finished. It took me 2 full days, gave me more grey hairs and taught me not to leave a bottle of black food colouring open on the bench because you may just knock it over your white floor while answering the phone haha It also reminded me that the cute cartoon people you see in your head may just not work in 3d form so you have to think quick and change your plans.



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    1. haha I think thats the first time I have seen you swear ;) thanks babe x

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  4. This is fantastic, you are a very talented lady:)