How to make your own Band Quote word pillow | EASY TUTORIAL

 I have had a few emails about the One Direction bedroom I wrote about on an earlier blog post, so I thought I would do a few posts to answer some of them. This post is a full tutorial on how to make your own One Direction phrase pillow.

This method can be used to make any Band name or Band quote, it is an easy and cheap way to customise your homeware at a fraction of the cost of real merchandise. 

Most times you are looking for a perfect homewares piece to complete your room, but you never can find it the exact way you want and get tired of looking for it, so give up. You do not have to waste your time looking any longer, this Custom Band Pillow tutorial will have you making your favourite new homewares piece.


  • blank pillowcase
  • fabric paint
  • sponge or brush
  • newspaper/cardboard
  • tape/scissors
  • craft knife
  • cutting mat
  • iron
  • Buy a blank pillowcase, I bought one for $4 from a dept store. 
  • Go and download your band's font that is used in their logo. I used the One Direction font which was free like most fonts are.
  • In an art program (I used Photoshop) type out your phrase with your new band font
I used these Phrases for my pillowcase, but you can use any words or phrases you want
  • Figure out what size you would like the words to be printed on your pillow and print out A4 size. I just used cardboard but you could use freezer paper. 
  • Once printed, you then cut out each letter with your craft knife on your cutting mat, be careful not to cut off any fingers. 

  • Cut each A4 sheet to fit neatly on the pillow. Make sure you get the spacing correct and straight. Stick down with tape to stay in place if using the cardboard. Also, stick down the inner letter pieces
  • Insert cardboard or thick layers of newspaper inside the pillowcase so the fabric paint does not bleed to the other side of the pillow.
  • Start dabbing the fabric paint on the stencil being careful to stay within the letters.

  • When you are putting the paint on, hold down the stencil firmly with the opposite hand.

  • Once completed, carefully pull off each piece of stencil before it dries
  • Place out in the sun to dry. 
  • Once dry iron on high heat to set the fabric paint and wash.
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DONE! Display your new Custom word pillow on your bed to rest your head and have sweet fangirl dreams.... 💜 

Your bedroom now has a cute new addition and you can be proud that you made it yourself.

I hope this helps with some of your email questions and encourages you to get creative and make your own custom homeware piece.

Have a great day 💗

Where band quote would you like to sleep your beautiful head on? 
Let me know below in the comments 


  1. Nice going there =) Love it!! You did that so nice!! =)
    I am going to start making pies lol will show photos of my miss-made pies later lol.,

    1. thanks babe, you are sweet <3

      haha can't wait to see your pies, I am sure they will be great!!

  2. You did a good job on the pillow and the tute. Did you know that some of your wording is squeezed beside the pics making it hard to read? Even so, I enjoyed reading the steps. By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can read my post about it at

    1. thanks so much Julie :) wow I will go check it out!

      hmm I wonder why its all squeezed, it looks fine to me :( I am working in firefox, I might go and look in explorer and see if I can fix it, I hope its not like that all through my blog. I think that may be a job for tomorrow though, past midnight and my concentration levels are failing lol thanks so much for letting me know that, I appreciate it

  3. hello, i have a question, how did you make the figure dolls, my daughters 10 and 13 are fan of 1 D ( harry and louise), but we live in the netherlands and we only have a (claire's) store where they sell items so everyone has the same items, i orderd a shirt from the 1d shop(uk) but i'd like to make something special to for them, would you give me a tip on that? tommorow i'm gonna have a look for the pillows to make one band one dream, but i will make those with my daugthers together, hope 1d will go on tour in holland soon and hope that we will score a ticket, regards and keep up the good work, tonny bos, netherlands

    1. Hi Tonny,
      I am selling these people pillows so unfortunately I will not be doing a HOW TO on them.

      If you are interested in buying them then please email me at
      cheers Brooke

  4. hello

    i emailed you about the one direction dolls, but i don't know if you got it. I'm interested in buying them, so i hope you can get back to me with some info. -Sophia

    1. Hi Sophia, sorry I have not been online much this weekend. I just emailed you back now :)

  5. hey um this may make me sound stupid but how do you get the font

    1. no question is dumb :)
      you can dowmload the font from here

  6. Sorry for this question, but, can you please tell me ¿What is the size of the letter you used on photoshop so it could fit in the paper? I really loved this tutorial! :)

    1. Hi, I can not find my original file but I think the font size was around 250pt :) work around that size and see how you go x

  7. do you have any more one direction DYI that is on your sight?

    1. I am going to do some in the early new year, I am just on holidays at the moment :) so come back in a few weeks, I have some fun 1D projects I want to try and will post them xx

  8. hy do you have eney more 1 D STUF TO MAKE

    1. I will make soem more in the early new year, come back soon :)

  9. do you sell 1d stuff

  10. Good day! Do you have any blogging skills or this is just a natural gift? Can't wait to hear from you.

  11. Hi! haha i'm latina ok no can u please tell me how do you do the dolls behind?

  12. Hi..Just want to know where did u get those litle black and white one direction figure cushions from.theyre on the photo of your daughters bedroom next to the printed 1D pillow u made???!!!!!

  13. I handmade the little 1D people dolls :)