How to draw Pin-up girls

 Yesterday while I was in one of the local art stores I seen this book fresh on the shelf.... it was staring at me to buy it, how could I not lol

I am not a great portrait artist, if even an artist lol and bodies I fail at big time so maybe this will give me some tips. If not I will pass it on to my Dad who does a lot of air brush art, this would help him no doubt :)

The book is called ' How to Draw & Paint Pin-ups & Glamour Girls'

This book is not the best reference book to teach you if you know nothing about drawing women but it has a good feel to it and will help you improve your lovely luscious lady drawings, vintage style ;)


  1. Your blog is so fun.... It's a nice change from the fashion and interior design blogs I always read! New fan and follower!


    Holly Foxen Wells


    1. wow thanks so much, your comment made me smile, made my night :)