Zombie Koala Plush Doll

Did someone say Zombie Koala?

I have been absent from the net for the last few days, yesterday there was a teachers strike so no school for my girls, so we had a nice day shopping instead. Then I had the girls dancing lessons all afternoon & a meeting until after 10pm so time ran out.... today I stayed at home but had no electricity due to my solar panels finally getting hooked up, so it was catch up on the mother fucking housework.... errr..... the house was so quiet with no music or tv on, I have no phone credit either so it was like I was cut off from the world... was actually nice but could never live like that... unless I had batteries... for my radio!! lol

Anyway due to not having anything for my blog, why not post something old. Not sure if I have posted these on my flickr before but who cares, I doubt people will notice :D

I made this Zombie Koala plush doll last year for a friend overseas, I keep saying I will make more of these, I really need to!!  People think Koalas are cute and cuddly... believe me they are evil and will claw you to death if you look at them the wrong way haha probably eat you too! I love how the brains & guts turned out, also his stitches & also the lopsided ears.

I apologise for the bad photos of me, I look like shit but we can't look great 24/7 can we? lol

Please do not use for resale or profit

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