Learn how to use Ai for Craft Inspiration from Knitting Needles to Stained Glass

As the world races towards a future of advanced technology, there is one area that nobody saw coming - crafting! Yes, you heard it right, the robots are coming for our knitting needles, crochet hooks, and scrapbooking supplies! It all started innocently enough, with AI providing crafting inspiration and helping with pattern-making, but now it seems like they want to take over the whole process

Crafting with AI: Unlocking Limitless Possibilities for Artists and Designers

Over the last few months, I have been experimenting with different AI art programs to see how AI can help artists, designers and crafters make their processes simpler, and faster and give us the inspiration we could never dream of. 

At the moment I don't believe AI can ever replace a true artist who makes their craft by hand, if anything the inspiration you can achieve with AI can make a designer better. I will share with you some examples of different crafting genres for you to see that AI can help you create your next project.

I will be only talking about crafting inspiration I have tried on the Midjourny program through Discord. I had no idea about either of these platforms before I started, I only knew my daughters chat on Discord with their friends, so it was a learning curve to get your head around it but there are lots of easier programs you can generate art from if you struggle. Everything I learnt was from experimenting, youtube how to set up the program and studying fellow users' prompts.

What is Ai Crafting Inspiration?

Are you ready to take your crafting to the next level? 

Say hello to the latest trend in the crafting world: AI Crafts Inspiration! That's right, thanks to the wonders of artificial intelligence, you can now generate unlimited inspiration for all your crafting needs. Whether you're into crochet, knitting, textile patterns, pattern making, interior design, scrapbooking art, and more, the power of AI is at your fingertips. 

No more creative blocks or struggling to come up with new ideas. With AI Crafting Inspiration, you'll have access to a world of ideas and designs to take your crafting to the next level. So, let's get crafting!

Craft Level: Difficult when starting and learning how to generate prompts
Cost: Free to cost per month depending on which program you use
Pictures generated on this page were made using a paid program Midjurney

What are AI Crafts

AI Crafts refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology in the crafting process. With the advancement of AI technology, crafters can now use AI algorithms to generate design inspirations, patterns, and colour combinations for a wide range of crafts, including but not limited to crochet, knitting, textile patterns, pattern making, interior design, scrapbooking art, and more. 

The goal of AI Crafts is to provide crafters with endless design possibilities and creative inspirations, helping them to push the boundaries of their craft and create unique and personalized pieces. 

What can you generate for AI Crafts?

  • Crochet designs: From simple scarves to complex mandalas, AI can generate a wide range of crochet designs that suit all skill levels which you could then use to create your own pattern.
  • Fabric textiles pattern/print design: Have you dreamed of that ultimate wallpaper design or dress fabric for that project you can never find the right design for, then this is for you. Design your own print, upscale and upload it to a site like Spoonflower and you are set.
  • Knitting pattern designs: Whether you prefer classic or modern styles, AI can generate pattern designs for all kinds of knitting projects, from sweaters to hats to socks.
  • Ceramic inspiration: If you're looking for unique and creative new pottery ideas, AI can help you create unique designs for your next homewares project.
  • Clothing and apparel designs: AI can help you create custom fashion designs for all types of clothing, even shoes. Just input your desired creative ideas, and AI can generate a whole collection that fits your needs and you can then use them to sew them up.
  • Interior design: Use AI to generate interior design ideas, including colour palettes, furniture arrangements, and decorative elements.
  • Scrapbooking art: With the help of AI, you can create beautiful scrapbook layouts, including custom backgrounds, embellishments, and page layouts.
  • Quilting: Use AI to create unique quilt designs, from classic patchwork to modern abstract designs.
  • Embroidery: Whether you want to create intricate designs or simple monograms, AI can generate embroidery patterns for various projects.
  • Beading: Use AI to create unique beading designs, from statement necklaces to intricate bracelets and earrings.
  • T-shirt designs: Use to create images to place on t-shirts. Convert to an SVG file to use on your cutting machine.

Below I have generated 50 craft pieces with some 60s vibes in an orange and blue colour palette to show you that a colour palette and a vibe can create a whole collection of great ideas

I hope this gives you the inspiration to start your own ai art journey
l Use Midjourney v5.2 to create all the images you see on the page, this How to Midjourney ebook helped me understand how to use Midjourney so much! So get on that.

Leather Crafting ai inspiration & design

Quilting and Sewing ai inspiration & design

Ceramic ai inspiration and design

Jewellery ai inspiration and design

Crochet ai inspiration and design

Fashion Sewing ai inspiration and clothing design

Soft Toy ai inspiration and plush design

Dolls Clothing ai inspiration and design

Felting ai inspiration and design

Stained Glass Leadlight designs ai inspiration and design

Quilted Clothing Pattern ai inspiration and design

Knitting Yarn ai inspiration and design

What AI Mentors to Follow?

Matt Wolf from Future Tools - Best Youtube around with a website listing all ai tools

Sawoon HQ - Great Ebooks to get you started with a focus on women embracing ai

#aiartcommunity on Twitter - Lots of inspo to inspire you and get your creative brain ticking on what to create

Who knows what AI has in store for us - a world where our quilts and cross-stitching are produced by machines, and we're left to twiddle our thumbs? Maybe we should keep an eye on our supplies, we may wake up to find our yarn has been taken over by our new robot overlords.😂😅

Will you try to ai some craft inspiration?
Let me know below in the comments

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