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Introducing Now That's Peachy NEW Halloween food & drink Printables for you to Instantly Download and Print at home.

Halloween is just around the corner. This means the stress of organising everything, like the food, drinks, decorations, and treats, and don't even mention the costumes!

But don't worry, I have you covered with a fun, kid-friendly & colourful range of Halloween DIY treats printables that you can find in my Etsy store.

This colourful Halloween range features themes such as cute blood-sucking Vampire candy toppers, wicked Witch treat bags, cartoon Skeletons, spooky Ghosts, brian-eating Zombies, Mummies that aren't your loving mother & of course the Devil himself. 

Have you ever heard of Anti-Holy Water? Well, you have now!

These spooky bright Halloween-themed instant printable downloads include food table decorations, drink labels & candy toppers, chocolate bar wrappers + DIY cupcake decor!

Below are some of the Halloween party food Printable ranges to choose from featuring candy or food that most people eat but the packaging has a cheeky gross twist.


Impress the kids with these Trick or Treat printables, which are an easy way to customise your candy bags and add some humour and colour to your Halloween favours DIY

This 150mm wide printable template fits mini snack ziplock bags you can easily find at your local supermarket, cello bags that you can buy in bulk online or use 14-15cm paper bags. There are 6 sets to choose from with each featuring 4 card designs to use.

All my designs can be filled with store-purchased candy & food that you can buy in bulk and is a cheap budget-friendly option to make pre-packaged treat bags.

Use these treat bags for trick or treaters, school class gifts, your contact-free candy table on your front porch or showcase on your food table at your Halloween party.

All designs are colourful, insta-worthy and are a fun twist on traditional Halloween party favours.
Digital Files are available to purchase and download

Set 1 features designs of 
★ Poison Snakes
★ Spicy Devil Delights
★ Haunted Ghost Treats
★ Infected Zombie Chews

Set 2 features designs of
★ Vampire Bites
★ Mummy Munchies
★ Putrid Mix
★ Mouldy Chews

Set 3 features designs of
★ Spicy Souls
★ Rotten Beans
★ Monster Ties
★ Alien Snot Chews

Set 4 features designs of
★ Toxic Popcorn
★ Warty Choc Bites
★ Foul Treats
★ Roadkill Pops

Set 5 features designs of
★ Zombie worms
★ Vampire stakes
★ Teeth Breaking Skeleton pieces
★ Vile candy
Set 6 features traditional Halloween designs of
★ Bats
★ Pumpkins


This mini chocolate bar template is a cute way to add some personality to your chocolate treats. They are an easy way to add some humour and colour to your Halloween decor theme. The kids will love them!

Just download instantly, print, cut and wrap the candy bars. Then BAM.. instant Halloween Treats that are easy to make but look like you have made a huge effort!

These have been tested on a range of Australian Cadbury mini chocolate bars only (Favourites & Roses chocolates) But may suit most small choc bars worldwide.

Wrapper designs included in this listing are suitable for various chocolate flavours & designs are ideal for children.

Digital files available to purchase and download are
The templates feature 6 designs of
★ Boo Bar - Haunted goo inside
★ Venom Bar - Taste the poison
★ Toxic Chocolate - Foul Tasting
★ Warty Choc Bar - Chewy Witch flavour
★ Zombie Virus Bar - Eat if you dare
★ Vampire Blood Bar - Humans Beware


Do you need cool water bottles for your party guests this Halloween? Then these horror-themed water bottle template wraps are just what you need to make your  Halloween event or horror-themed Birthday party stand out.

These bottle labels can easily be printed, cut and attached to your store-bought drink water bottles before your party. Such a cheap way to customise your food table.

Designs feature a Devil & Vampire hand drawn by me. Original Water bottle designs include
  • H20 with Bite
  • Anti Holy Water


Do you need some Cupcake Toppers for your creepy dessert table so you do not have to hand pipe every friggin cake to look scary?

Then these Cartoon Monster-themed Cupcake Toppers will be perfect to decorate your cakes or add to your favour bags at your party.

This product is a PDF Digital Printable to Download, Print and make at home.

These B-grade retro movie designs feature a Devil, Vampire, Skull, Zombie & Witch. Plus 2 bonus sheets of eyeballs & dripping blank circles to write anything you wish.

Keep an eye out in my ETSY store for more additions to this Halloween Trick or Treat Party Printable Range. 


FREE Haunted Ghost Treat Sign Halloween Printable HERE

What is your favourite Halloween Food or Drink?
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