How to make Lux Christmas Angel Decorations from Make-up Cotton Pads

Has anyone else noticed there are not many Christmas Angels for sale anymore? Don't worry, I have you covered on how you can make your own on a budget from cotton make-up remover pads.

This easy & cheap DIY is the perfect project to add to your Christmas crafting and is great for all ages. 

I know what you are thinking. No way can you make cheap Cotton Make-up Pads look lux, expensive and tree worthy. Well, keep reading...

This tutorial is Part 2 of a mini-series of DIY Make-up pad Christmas decorations.


Below I will show you how to make these beautiful 3D Christmas Angels that you can personalise easily by adding sequins, ribbon, lace and glitter to create any Holiday style that will suit your own home decor or Christmas colour theme.
Christmas Angel Ornaments Decorations Tutorial Details
  • Beginners
  • Under $1
  • 10 mins 
DIY Project Supplies
  • A packet of 99cent Make-up pads (80 packs)
  • Craft glue or glue gun
  • Cotton or string 
  • Embellishments of your choice. I used gems & sequins.
You can purchase Cotton Make-up remover pads in a few different sizes and in bulk packs. I would recommend buying the large size for children or students in primary-age classrooms as this Christmas craft project can be a little fiddly when using the smaller pads if adding embellishments. Older Children and Adults can use any size.

I paid 99c for a packet of 200 of the small size pads and 99c for the large size pads of 80 pieces. Buy the store's home brand. The sequin trim I used was $2 for 4 metres. 


Part 2 - Mini 3D Christmas Angels

  • Cut a line from the edge to the centre on 1 cotton pad.
You need 2 Make-up Pads per Angel. With a 99c 100 pack of pads, you can make approx 50 ornaments.
  • With one edge of your cut line, turn over and roll to make a cone shape. 
  • Glue the edge down. This cone will be the skirt of your Christmas Angel.
  • With your second make-up remover pad, cut 2 skinny pie shapes out of one side.
  • Glue the cone skirt to the smallest section of the cutout cotton pad. Make sure the seam is at the back not showing. Trim the back edge if needed, so it looks like it is one piece.
  • Place some glue on the top of the cone and around the edges. Fold over to create the wings and top of the Angel dress, pinching it at the top. Hold until the glue is dry.
  • Make a loop with some string, tie in a knot and glue to the back of your Angels wings. Once glued, pinch the wings together to hide the string and make the wings 3D.
  • On the front and top of your Angel where your string joins, glue on a huge round sequin for the head. I used a flatback gem that had a diamond effect. But you could add any head you wish. 
If using a bead, you could thread over the string. A wooden bead would give this a natural look.
  • Decorate your Angel or leave it blank for a fresh white look. I used a silver sequin trim around the edge for a lux glamour look to match my tree.
Have fun making your own versions of these 3d Christmas Angels and don't forget to share with me on social media. Sign up for the newsletter and pop back here to learn how to make more decorations out of 99c Make-up pads. 

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