How to make Choc Top Ice-creams with all your excess Easter Eggs

Every Easter do you have so many Chocolate Eggs & Bunnies that are sitting in the back of the fridge or a bowl in the kitchen that you get sick of looking at because no one wants to eat them after a few weeks of binge chocolate eating?

Then you are in the right place!. I am going to show you how to create your own Choc Tops using all those stranded lonely eggs in your pantry.

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  • Basic skills, kids can help or older children can make themselves
  • 5 mins

Supplies to make Easter Egg Ice-cream cone Choc Tops
  • Waffle cones, double scoop size 
  • Your favourite Ice-cream, Streets Blue Ribbon Vanilla for me
  • Hollow Easter Eggs or Bunny
I used Cadbury standard-size carton eggs and the Cadbury Large Bunny
Grab your room-temperature easter eggs or Bunny.

Cut the eggs in half with some medium-sized scissors, working slowly around the edge. Do the same with the Bunny, cutting under the chin. Work fast so they do not melt in hand, but not too fast the egg cracks.

Fill your Bunny head with melted Ice-cream and place it in the freezer to freeze. 

I used a tall glass to hold the head upside down and keep sturdy. Either do the same with your eggs or scoop cream straight into the egg to use.
Ice-cream + Easter Eggs = YUM

When the Bunnies head is solid/frozen, fill your waffle cone with scoops of Ice-cream and once the cone is almost filled, place the Bunnies head on top. If you have the correct size of cones, the head should sit snugly in the cone.

When using the chocolate eggs, you fill your cones with ice cream the same as above and then just stack your eggs. Go as high as you can handle! I chose only 3 layers, don't want to be too greedy :D

Eat your homemade choc top and enjoy!

These would also be a cute treat for Easter parties or a family movie night.
Happy crafting!


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