Get creative & personalise balloons for your next occasion

Working in a party shop has taught me many things, the main one is that what people want, is not always available to buy. When that balloon you desperately want for your best friend that says's 'DUMP HIM" isn't available (let's be honest, this should be in every party shop across the world!!) 

I always encourage people to DIY their balloons and create their own unique decorations and balloon bouquets.

This Balloon DIY is the easiest personalised gift or party decoration you can make! The hardest thing about this project is thinking of what words to use.

Basic craft skills
Approx time 5 mins

DIY Supplies to Personalise your own Balloons
  • Balloons of choice
  • Letter stickers or scrapbook letters 

Think of a phrase or word, peel off stickers and then stick on the balloon. Easy right!!!

I recommend you use contrasting colours and have lots of fun with them. Create any words or quotes you love and make any occasion as unique as you are! I made this one for a social media post for Mother's Day to put on my Facebook and Instagram. So get creative and see what cool personalised balloons you can come up with.

Speaking of Mother's Day, my family was kind to me. My husband gave me some thick warm winter PJs, it's finally getting cold here in Sydney, it's taken long enough :D My daughters spoilt me with some KatVonD make-up and a handwritten Calligraphy quote.

The Handwritten Calligraphy my daughter got from Helen at Light Of Leni, how amazing is it!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and were kind to your Mum's #loveurmum


  1. I was trying to find a way to personalize a balloon without a cricut! Thank you!!!!!

    1. Cricut you will be able to get so creative with your custom balloon, goodluck!!