Day of the Dead half face make-up tutorial | HALLOWEEN DIY

Today I woke up early to do my niece & friends make-up for FUTURE music festival that was in Sydney today. Apparently, it was the 'Day Of The Dead-Set Awesome'  theme, so people were getting in the spirit and going all fancy, dressing up, doing costumes and their make-up

I created this half face make-up design and I think their make-up turned out better than I thought they would, it's hard to achieve a sugar skull death face and still look adorable haha
I only used a few products to achieve this look, due to the lovely damn heat I decided to use long-lasting waterproof eye-liner, mostly for the sweat factor and to last all day and night. I do not think the white will last but as long as the actual design does then that's cool 😊 Sydneys 40 degree heat days are nobodies friend.

 All products used
"Goth White" Powder Cream Foundation by Manic Panic - for the base
Rimmel Exaggerate water proof eye-liner - blue
Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof kohl eye pencil - shimmer black
Model Co extension Mascara - black

I used a shimmering black that had all speckles of glitter/shine through it so it was not too harsh on their faces, not a solid black but you could use a solid black if you want more impact.

I didn't get time to take photos of my progress for a tutorial or really any better photos of the make-up but above is the quick sketches I did last night to work off and for the girls to choose from. Their faces are based off the top right sketch, with a few changes :D

I think to make this work you need a bright colour against the black, that's why I used the blue Rimmel liner, I use this all the time and love the colour. There was talk of doing red and black, which on paper is fine but you don't want red near your eyes as this would make you look tired and both colours will blend in too much, you may look like a dark mess 😊 So if you choose to do this, remember bright and contrast, the more simple the better!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, I think I will sleep in tomorrow morning.. it's what Sundays are for. 

Keep being creative!

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  1. the make up turned out so great! gives me inspiration for something different to do at Halloween ;)


  2. This make up is stunning! Congrats!

    Giveaway on my blog <3 SHE WALKS Blog

  3. Check my blog out? I love feedback!

  4. Holy crap that is amazing! I wish I had your makeup skills.

    1. haha thanks Kat, its honesty not as hard as it looks, this one is simple with the right tools :)

  5. Omg! SOO fantastic. I love it. I hope the festival was great and it wasn't too hot and wrecked all that hard work.

    1. Thanks :) Apparently the make-up lasted through the heat & sweat and had to be scrubbed off the next morning with lotin and make-up remover haha so yayyy!!!

  6. Look at you! :) Nice job! These turned out awesome! I appreciate you drawing it out on paper too! :) It's good to have a point of reference for later if you should need it. Love me some drawing ;) Again - nice job! You're a great aunt ;) ♥ Dawn

    1. aww thanks Dawn, you are kind :)
      Yeah I find most things easier to draw on paper, mostly because I have poor memory and its easier to explain to others lol