New Puppy pictures

 I thought it was time to post some new photos of Crumpet, mostly because I have had no time to organise a creative post and I am desperate haha Puppies fix everything right?

Crumpet finally got her last lot of needles so she can go for a walk, she is loving it, us not so much as she is obsessed with chasing birds around the walking path and there is a LOT of birds!!! I don't cope well with running 😂😂


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  1. omg Crumpet is so freaking adorable! I really want a puppy. The house we rent got sold and our new owners said we could get one we just need to let them know when we want it so they can adjust our lease. I am so excited about that because our old owners would never let us.

  2. OK I am sorry but when I get a dog I am going to have to name it Crumpet because it is the most perfect name ever

  3. Aw so adorable! Seeing these pictures makes me want a puppy too :)


    1. lol its like having a toddler again, I need rest haha

  4. Ok so cute I can't take it! I just want to squeeze her!