Cake baking day!!!!

It's still summer school holidays here & my girls have been nagging me to bake some cakes, today I gave in and told them to do what they wanted as I was too tired to care or argue haha

My oldest daughter decided to make a pink Marina and the Diamonds EAT MY SHORTS  love heart cake and my youngest made some cake pops. I think they did a good job, I might even have to hire them next time I need some help ;)
The Eat my Shorts cake was cooked in a heart tin, iced with a butter frosting and decorated with some pre-made coloured decorating tubes. The cake-pops were made in a cake pop tin and just rolled in frosting, easy for kids :)

much love and eat more cake!!!!!


  1. How cute! I'm getting kind of hungry now. :)


  2. At first I thought it was a Bart Simpson cake before I read. Fantastic. Such a bright pink icing.