Hamburger cupcake making

Today I baked pretty much all day, making lots of hamburger cupcakes for a friends daughters 16th birthday party. Nothing was going right for me and I had to re make the chocolate patties as I stuffed them up, I wasn't happy about that but what can you do but keep going and swear a lot haha

You can find my burger cupcake tutorial HERE on how to make these. I wanted to take updated photos today of the steps but I didn't get time and couldn't be bothered because of my mood lol

Tomorrow I'm attempting to make a Jukebox cake for the party, wish me luck because I need it haha 

I better get to bed, have a great weekend everyone xx


  1. Ooh these look great! I wouldn't even realize they were cupcakes from the pics unless you told me. Great job.

    Good luck on the jukebox!!


  2. Oh wow those look amazing! I can't wait to try them! :)

  3. They look fantastic!!!
    Good luck with the Jukebox cake !!

  4. wh-aaaaaaa-ttt???? They are fantastic. I am very impressed. And good luck with the jukebox! x

  5. They are so cute! I once made my dad a giant burger cake for his birthday. Burger cakes are so much fun! Oh and in response to your question on my blogging. Spotlight does call it freezer paper. They have it behind the cutting counter so just ask the girls there. It's $1.50 a meter.

  6. WOW. These are INSANE. You are proper talented!!!! I'd pay a fair sum for one of those hah!

    Robyn Mayday

  7. Love this, looks great! And good luck for the cake! I want to see it :)

  8. WOW! Soo rad. I can't believe you made so many. They look fantastic.

  9. Wooow such an original idea!!

    I have to try it!

    Follow each other sweety?