Severed Finger gore cupcakes

severed finger horror gore cupcake with blood frosting

eyeball & severed finger horror gore cupcake with blood frosting

Here is another cupcake idea you can mix with my previous bloody cakes to display at Halloween or your next horror movie. I think a whole range of body parts would be awesome as a table display.

Finger is made out of marzipan and the fingernail is just the outer layer of an onion cut to shape. You can see how I made the blood here

I have been vacant around the blogging world and not very creative as I am not feeling very great. Hopefully I start feeling better soon and can get some new projects posted and catch up on everyone's blogs :) Thanks to all my new followers, it cheered me up seeing the support and my new comments xx


  1. These look grotesquely wonderful!
    I'll be trying something like this for Halloween. Last year I made truffle eye balls so I'll be needing to raise the bar with these.

    Lauren @

  2. omg! these are way too cool! i'm actually craving cup cakes now, haha. cute blog girl :)

  3. They look cool but also scary ;-).


  4. Ok... so that finger looks a little too real.......
    You didn't make it did you? You just chopped it off a friends hand didn't you? So rad!